Talisker 57' North + Free Bottle Flask

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Talisker 57' North + Free Bottle Flask
70cl / 57%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A limited edition of Talisker 57' North with a free plastic flask and two stainless steel cups.

Please note that the plastic flask is not suitable for holding liquid and is for display purposes only.
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Customer rating (6 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
An outstanding malt which opens up with a small drop of water to release some fantastic flavours
- jim Allan, 21st July
'Still My Talisker Of Choice' N: Much like the 10yo, but sweeter and more chalky. A bourbon sweetness shadows the usual Talisker characteristics, namely - saline, maritime, beefy nose with a hint of mature peat. Very Bladnochesque with bubblegum. Clotted cream - 'live' cultures - a mature fresh, rain water on grass [smiley face]…. oily charred peat. T: Much sweeter bourbon which is more balanced against its maritime characteristics than the 10yo. Honey and wood spice coats the whole palate with fresh straw to boot. Spices now, cumin seeds, anise, cinnamon and turmeric - thats the dryness! F: Bourbon cocoa notes mingled with white pepper and chilli remain lingering and tingling. Mint, dusky oily peat, wood smoke and herbal notes linger too. Lots of salt at the end, coupled with a toffee/cocoa/vanilla sweetness. Zing……… Beetroot, valerian, oily, malty, smouldering peat. ooh, aniseed just appeared and spearmint! C: Its not overly complex, less so than the standard 10, but its no problem because this dram is alive! - a mouth numbing brute and full of 'Skye in a glass' character, fantastic. For sheer audacity, its still my Talisker of choice. Not dissimilar to the Distiller's edition after water is added, but more assured. This got better and better as the bottle went down. Scores an A-
- Jazzpianofingers, 9th July
I am now on my 2nd bottle, and rate this as the best malt under £100
- Nick Brown, 9th July
Very, very, very good ! It takes water well, but don't drown it. ( i actually use this 57 to dilute 50:50 my Tali-18 ).
- Toronto Tim (Canada), 23rd March
@Iain: the plastic bit just below the cups unscrews.
- TWE Admin, 4th Jan '13
Anyone know how to open the flask to get at the bottle and contents?
- Iain, 3rd Jan '13
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