Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum

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Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum
70cl / 41.2%
Plantation 3 Star Rum is a blend of rums from the '3 Stars of the Caribbean'(Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad). These rums have been expertly blended by the the Cognac Ferrand Cellar Master.
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Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
I try many rum's, looking for a good sipper and ones for my Daiquiri's. This is excellant value for money and makes a great Daiquiri. While not a sipping rum it went down surprisingly well when first tasted neat too.
- anonymous, 25th March
This is great, and a great example of what I try to teach people when buying alcohol, buy clever not expensive.....theres a big difference
- anonymous, 21st Jul '13
Nice, Nice, Nice!!! This my new Dïquiri Rum. Thank you for the advice!
- Marie Hanson, 21st Feb '13
a lovely rum makes you think ("oh do I need to use a diet coke/mixer"??)
- Scott Hazley, 28th Dec '12
Wow. I know this is meant to be a mixing rum, but it is nice neat! A million miles away from a certain other white rum
- anonymous, 25th Jul '12
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