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Hennessy VS Cognac
70cl / 40%
Benchmark VS from one of Cognac's 'Big Four' producers. Popular the world over for its elegant style and consistent high quality.
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Customer rating (10 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
The best VS Cognac with hint of spice vanilla and strong in taste little smooth and gets better after you open the bottle .no hang over for shore.
- Drunken Master, 28th August
I think Hennessy is among the best VS available and find it surprising that it's not more widely found in the UK supermarkets. I also love the Camus VSOP but only find that on the duty free shelves.
- The Colonel, 3rd Apr '13
Kim Jong Il is the biggest buyer of this drink. but anyway this is the best cheap cognac on the market. mixed well with eggnog buy better drank neat 94 points
- corey, 19th Mar '11
drank this cognac for years in my younger days loved it but now much prefer courvoisier smoother tasting than Hennessey
- SINEAD, 19th Nov '10
This cognac is very nice. I have sampled better, however for the price (very reasonable I believe) It is well worth it.
- Big Paul, 25th Jun '10
This Cognac - for a VS - is a very consistent product. It's got more balls and complexity than most VS's and still retains a certain level of elegance. For the asking price you will not do much better as a whole.
- anonymous, 4th Dec '09
This cognac is delicious, has a sweet almost caramel hint to it, and tastes very nice poured over a glass full of ice with coke added to it.
- anonymous, 24th Nov '09
Agree with the previous review, this stuff is cooking Brandy.Hot and Harsh, but popular due to Hip Hop Culture.Pay the extra few quid and get "H" By Hine. or if you must have a VS , go for Courvosier or Camus
- anonymous, 22nd Nov '09
Any man who is sophisticated enough to enjoy a decent cognac knows that this certainly isn?t one of them. While Hennessy does make some fine cognac, there is a reason this particular one is the cheapest. I wish Pepto Bismol made a V.S. to cure the instant acid reflux which this rancid concoction of Eau-de-Vie induces.
- Bill, 19th Oct '09
The Best!!!
- Thomas B, 25th Jul '09
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