Hine Rare VSOP Cognac

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Hine Rare VSOP Cognac
70cl / 40%
A terrific VSOP from Hine, Rare is classed as Fine Champagne, meaning that the eaux-de-vie used are all from the Grande or Petite Champagne areas, with at least 50% from Grande Champagne.
IWSC 2012 - Gold Outstanding Medal - Cognac
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Customer rating (12 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
All these positive comments don't add up to one great old bottle of the true Hine Rare Champaine VSOP of the previous owners and years.
- anonymous, 10 days ago
Very good VSOP for the price, would buy again
- anonymous, 22nd June
Makes a terrific classic Champagne cocktail.
- JonW, 2nd Jan '13
Benchmark VSOP. Nose of barley sugar and violets, quite big flavours, some tannin showing but good richness on the finish.
- Kevin H, 6th May '12
Beautiful Brandy tried it for the first time today with my fellow top notch Brandy tasters. Yes, it's true it is much in line with the top brandy leaders, without a shadow off a doubt. Very impressed. Cheers.
- hines, 26th Apr '12
A really good VSOP for the money. I wouldn't say its the best cognac of it type or price but it is a contender.
- gtcouk, 16th Mar '11
For Brian's information - sadly Rare and Delicate hasn't been produced for about 10 years. It was my favourite cognac to give my dinner guests, (I keep a bottle of Hine Antique for when I am accompanied ONLY, by a pot of good coffee and a Romeo y Julieta Churchill - sheer bliss). I now offer my guests this VSOP. Personally, I think the Rare and Delicate a touch better but it is a most acceptable replacement.
- John T., 25th Jan '11
Without doubt Hine is the best Cognac and the Hine Rare VSOP is excellent. However, years ago I regularily bought Hine Rare and Delicate (usually in Italy) but I can no longer find this. Can anyone help or does anyone know that it is no longer available.
- Brian., 3rd Dec '10
i have bought and drunk this brandy before and i found it is smoother than remy martin.in fact i did a test with my sister in law who previously favoured remy,she is converted.for the extra few pounds it is smoother ,has a lovely flavour
- martin, 15th Nov '10
Easily the best cognac under £50. This isn't just excellent for its price - it's excellent full-stop. It's the best cognac I've tasted, and that includes other makers' XO bottles that are more than twice the price.
- anonymous, 21st Sep '10
Agreed, this is hands down the best VSOP I've had. Tastes as smooth and refined as other makers' XO bottles.
- anonymous, 29th Jul '10
Lovely stuff, if you cant afford a bottle of XO then give this a go, it tastes way better than other VSOP, so its a good compromise between VSOP and XO.
- anonymous, 27th Jul '10
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