Bootlegger White Grain Spirit

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Bootlegger White Grain Spirit
70cl / 40%
A 1920s, prohibition style white dog spirit from the UK, packed full of flavour despite its clarity - great as a cocktail ingredient or sipped.
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Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
@jic: This is an American-style spirit. While it is produced in the UK, many of our customers seem to be searching for this in our American section. As such, we have listed this with other American neutral spirits, as it is a very similar style of product.
- TWE Admin, 10th February
A really clean drink - don't waste it in a mixer! Best taken neat!
- Filthy Raider, 8th February
If it's from the UK, why is it listed under "Other American"?
- jic, 3rd February
fantastic product... sipped it neat and its incredibly smooth... tried in a few cocktails too and it holds up well when combined with other flavours
- anonymous, 26th Oct '12
easy drinking a wonderful taste o vanilla
- anonymous, 26th Sep '12
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