Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac / Baccarat Crystal

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Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac / Baccarat Crystal
70cl / 40%
A legendary cognac from the prestigious house of Remy Martin, containing Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie aged between 40 and 100 years and packaged in a gorgeous Baccarat decanter.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting notes by Billy A

Nose: Very floral, with honeysuckle, and sweet, with delicately perfumed fruit – melon and peaches. There was also a hint of flowery honey and a marzipan nuttiness.

Palate: Cinnamon, almonds, peach, orange and orange blossom, and woody spice. The succinct note in my notebook simply says “Like eating twigs and sweet flowers”.

Finish: Delicate grape, sweet oak spice, melon and lingering floral notes.

Customer Reviews:(27 reviews)
So a very good friend had a bottle of this given to him for his 50th Birthday (about 1 year ago) and had about 2 measures left in the bottle and decided to finish it off last night. Now, I am not exactly a cognac drinker, I prefer my wines and champagnes, but I can now officially say that I have been converted. This is the most amazing liquid I have ever tasted, except perhaps for the odd bottle of Dom P from a few years ago. Might have to treat to myself on my birthday :)
- Scott, 1st January
I have been given a bottle for my 50th birthday, thanks to my good friend. xx
- Monica tucker, 2nd Feb '12
Drink it, don't save it
- anonymous, 20th Jan '12
I have 2 bottles one imported from NY and NJ.NY bottle has baccarat crest then Crystal in the middle on the bottom with E.Remy Martin
- kevin, 4th May '11
I have a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII and would like to know what the decanter is made of. Is it lead crystal?
- Ronnie, 3rd Feb '11
my grandmother has a bottle that looks very simalar but is really old. not sure the year it was but we have the serial number for it and all it's original seals. it is the bacarat crystal bottle and says "rarest reserve" on the bottle. who do i contact to see how much it may be worth?
- mary, 29th Jan '11
On the bottle, 2 clear stickers one on each side. One says: Produce of France. Is it suppose to be Product of France? Another sticker says: Distributor: Hongkong and China. Also, do you think the crystal decaters vary since they are hand sculpted? there is a matching serial number on the bottom of the bottle, the stopper and on the booklet. The serial number on the booklet is handwritten and the serial numer on the bottle and the stopper is etched or engraved?
- anonymous, 25th Oct '10
For all valuation enquiries, please email photos of your bottle to my colleague Sukhinder on sss[at] Please be aware that he may not respond immediately as he receives dozens of similar emails every day.
- TWE Admin, 22nd Mar '10
Tasted this nectar of the gods in the 1980s and again at the Millenium. Purchased a bottle which has remained unopened and which I would like to sell - albeit reluctantly!! Where is the best place to do this?
- EB, , Scotland, 22nd Mar '10
so would having the world's finest cognac for my twenty first birthday be the best way to ring in twenty one years of life?
- H.K., 21st Feb '10
A lovely drop.
- anonymous, 17th Jan '10
G'day,How do i know what year my Louis XIII was made?? I have one that looks to be from the 70's, with the red box an octogan, not the square in your picture above. I'm keen to move it, but have no idea what it's worth.
- Geordie, 7th Oct '09
Can anyone who wants a valuation of their bottle please email photos to my colleague Sukhinder on: sss(at) The comments section is for comments only! Valuation requests will be deleted without being published in future.
- TWE Admin, 1st Jun '09
I purchased three Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac btls (Baccarat crystal) while in Ont. Can. 1963-66 timeframe. Two German friends and I enjoyed one bottle (I kept the beautiful empty), gave one to a dear friend, still have one unopened, in it's wicker basket. 26.4 fl. oz., This same cognac was served English royalty in 1938 and again in 1957. I have been told the empty btl is a collectors item. What are the current values of my treasures? Bill
- anonymous, 22nd May '09
hi i was given a yr 2000 Ltd edition bottle set in special box with the code number on the bottle and stopper and i would love to know its value
- barry nz, 22nd May '09
I have two full bottles that also say E remy Martin on the bottom. I have seen both styles at Ebay so it probably depends on the year it was bottled.I am trying to find out about the serial numbers...mine is etched in by hand rather than engraved both on the bottom of the bottle and the stopper. Anyone have any info about this being hand etched?
- Deb, 29th Apr '09
I recently bought this for my husband's BDay, the botom of his bottle is labeled with, "E.REMY MARTIN" and I noticed one on EBAY with just "REMY MARTIN"....Is one a fake?
- Jessica, 12th Apr '09
I have a full bottle intact, label still on it, original topper and box. It was handed down through the family, probably 30-40 years old. Any idea where I would find the "code" on it? The topper and box are slightly different than the one in this ad. Thanks!
- Kathy, 3rd Mar '09
I was just given the empty bottle, container, books, etc. Unfortunately the bottle has a hairline crack. Is the set still valuable for collecting purposes.
- Mother's favorite, 27th Feb '09
US bottles of spirits are usually 750ml, while European bottles have to be 500ml or 700ml. Not sure, though, whether Louis XIII is bottled for the US. It is possible that the bottle you bought in Alaska had been imported from Europe. All our bottles are 700ml. Merry Xmas :)
- TWE Admin, 12th Dec '08
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