Remy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish Cognac

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Remy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish Cognac
70cl / 40%
Accounting for one in three bottles of VSOP consumed worldwide, Remy Martin is the benchmark for the VSOP category and is blended from spirits aged from 4 to 12 years. This latest version finishes the cognac in old barrels for a year before bottling.
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Customer rating (15 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
Very good in taste and smooth its age is so good its the best Cognac i tryed till now after trying most of the VS Cognac's, for the ladys is the the best to try Remy Martin VSOP
- Drunken Master, 28th August
Absolute heaven, love it.
- P. Jones, 24th January
Is not bad..although I still prefer old version.
- Szarik, 16th Nov '12
Very nice smooth and fruity should go down well with the lady's But the bottle looks cheap..!
- Bobby Bhatia, 7th Sep '12
Not a fan. They VSOP is a lot fruitier and still my faviorte
- Craig Cresswell - Skegness Uk, 31st May '12
i enjoy this cognac,and it is smooth in taste.You will not be disappointed.
- Kenneth B. Marshall, 9th Jan '12
Perfect blend of creamy aromas, no after burn, best I have tasted forever!!!
- anonymous, 6th Jan '12
Not impressed, Hine make better cognac with comparable price, This is too spicy, works ok with Ginger Ale, but wouldnt drink it straight, Hine is way better and only 8 quid more
- anonymous, 6th Aug '11
I have not taste it is actually a present for my friend...but thank you the whisky exchange for a great and fast delivery....superb communication,tracking numbers etc..thank you
- anonymous, 19th Apr '11
TWE now has Hine VSOP for 3 quid more...Its a no brainer.
- anonymous, 3rd Nov '10
had this on over the weekend, i would say its a very impressive drink..
- kk, 8th Sep '10
A benchmark VSOP cognac.
- Jack LaHay, Arizona, 20th Nov '09
rrmi martin de uva
- anonymous, 28th Oct '09
Very good. Though if you get the chance to try the 1738 before it's gone, it's a fair step up from this.
- rwbenjey, 25th Oct '09
The best....Trust me :o)
- Hooj, 12th Oct '09
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