Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac

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Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac
70cl / 40%
Aged for longer than the XO Special, this Fine Champagne contains 85% Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie aged for up to 37 years. Remarkably smooth, rich and mellow.
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Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
There is no burn to this at all, it's like drinking velvet . If you're on the fence about this and think by buying remy heart of cognac is you're saving money and there won't be much difference you're WRONG! Once you taste's all you'll want to drink.
- anonymous, 26th May
- M.Sh., 28th January
mmmmhh u only have to taste it..
- Douglas, 8th Feb '13
A splendid and smooth Cognac.
- JG, 6th May '12
Th nicest brandy around. Slightly sweeter than most
- anonymous, 10th Dec '11
XO: Extra Ordinary!!!
- anonymous, 22nd Sep '11
great stuff was down in the shop and did the tour in cognac,they actualy give you a glass of this stuff included in the tour along with the v.s.o.p and ways to drink it belive it or not.this one you drink with dark lindt(might aswell get good chocolat) which takes the burn and enhances the flavour,vsop with soft buiscuits and goats cheese.
- bobby, 17th Aug '11
An excellent XO. Long fantastic taste. This Cognac is worth paying for. I'm in love........
- Tommy, 4th Dec '10
It means 'A lot nicer than the mouthwash they sell at Tescos'
- anonymous, 30th Sep '10
xo means extra old
- Cognac genuis, 24th Nov '09
What do VS, VSOP, and XO mean? VS: Very Special; VSOP: Very Superior Old Pale; XO: Extra Old
- anonymous, 24th Nov '09
what does xo mean
- anonymous, 22nd Nov '09
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