Casa Noble Blanco Tequila

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Casa Noble Blanco Tequila
70cl / 40%
A 'crystal' unaged blanco tequila from Casa Noble, Carlos Santana's tequila company. Distilled and then bottled without any contact with wood this is pure agave spirit, packed full of peppery flavour.
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Customer rating (4 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(4 reviews)
This is my favourite blanco in the world. The flavour is as untouched as you will ever find, pure agave heaven. For a neat spirit, it always has a smoothness, and wonderful after tastw that I have found unmatched by any other tequila producer. Definitely in a class of it's own, and the tequila I choose almost exclusively. Just don't ruin it with a mixer - this deserves to be taken like a fine cognac!
- anonymous, 13 days ago
We tried this for the first time in Las Vegas as an alternative to Patrón, which is heavily marketed there. This definitely wins hands down, on price, smoothness, and taste. In fact, we like this so much that we buy several bottles a time, and it rarely lasts long!
- Mike, 9th July
Makes an awesome margarita, loads of robust agave flavour with none of the harshness of many of the other blanco tequilas.
- Ash, 20th May
By far my favourite silver tequila - smooth as can be
- Joel, 26th Jun '13
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