Martini e Rossi Amaro Fernet

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Martini e Rossi Amaro Fernet
100cl / 45%
A litre bottle of Martini & Rosso's Amaro Fernet. First produced in 1863, this was the original Fernet, a digestif made from herbs and spices. This is from a limited batch is 2013 and each bottle is individually numbered.

Please note this is limited to one bottle per customer.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by CLASS Magazine

Appearance: Clear, deep reddish-brown with burgundy tints.

Aroma: Pungent herbal complexity with liquorice, freshly brewed breakfast tea and spearmint menthol freshness.

Taste: Fierce barky bitterness with mouth freshening menthol and integrated rooty herbal notes.

Aftertaste: Biting bitterness and lingering pine and mint. The first sip is a wakeup call for you palate but once you become accustomed to the intense flavours Amaro Fernet is very Moorish.

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