Van Gogh Gin

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Van Gogh Gin
75cl / 47%
Van Gogh Gin is produced by the Royal Dirkzwager Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. It was first released in 1999 and is a blend of ten botanicals: coriander, liquorice, angelica, juniper, grains, almonds, lemons, cassia bark, orris and cubeb berries. These are individually distilled in small pot stills and then blended with triple distilled grain spirit.
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... a sophisticated blend that has lovely subtle but pure flavors that come together gracefully. On the nose, it has a noticeable aroma of citrus tempered by a suggestion of licorice. In the mouth, the cassia bark and licorice mingle together brilliantly for a wonderful taste experience. Van Gogh Gin finishes very smooth with nuances of lemon and almond.
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