Glenfarclas 105

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Glenfarclas 105
70cl / 60%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A full 60% abv, yet the sweet, rich, spicy distillery character is still very much in evidence. A very small drop of water is recommended to open the flavours.
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Customer rating (13 reviews)
More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionSpeysideBottlerDistillery Bottling
Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
Nose: The beginning is like your nose was run over by a Sherry Train.. wow so much of it!! Along with it comes notes of dark chocolate.. bold spices...pears...possibly some wood and vanilla in there too.. Palate: The palate's like a continuation of the sherry dominance.. although not as dry as you'd expect it to be.. there's the characteristic sweetness .. with a lot of black pepper and cinnamon spices.. there was also some nutty notes in the mix Finish: This was a Sherry story so every aspect of this expression had profound influence from the cask.. the finish too was drying .. fairly long.. and spicy too.. some where in there were also hints of mild smoke in the background To be honest.. its a decent dram but.. definitely didn't get me going wow about it. However given all the awards that this has won.. I'm very tempted to have to give it another shot.. and this time with some watering down to probably get some of that magic that I missed this time around..
- Trailing The Malt, 21st June
Huge tasting whisky! Incredible value for money, especially since it can be diluted quite a bit. Even with half water it's still full of flavour. But can also be drunk neat! Highly recommended...
- Colm, 9th Jul '12
A great whisky. I've tried the 15 and the 21 but 105 is a brilliant addition. A very strong dram and the taste really opens up with water (actually found I had to put a little more in than I normally would due to the alcohol %). My only disappointment is the cork. This is the 2nd bottle I've had and both corks snapped. I am very careful when opening and haven't had it happen on any other whiskies. Googled it and seems to be a very common problem with the 105. A real shame!
- S Hill, 29th Feb '12
no water, please ! Perfect as is.
- Toronto Tim, 12th Nov '11
i agree with matt.its an amazing dram but need to breath for a while around 15 minutes and with some water its open up one of my favourites cheers
- peatapal, 31st Aug '11
just been tasting it alongside the Glen elgin 16 yr old which I love and trying to find a winner. Certainly a much more rounded and warmer dram than the A'bunadh that it's compared to above. my 1970 family casks glenfarclas is unfortunately only opened for very special evenings!
- macky, 4th Feb '11
If you like a big unique flavor, this is the one. It has a large Sherry influence, but is very different from Aberlour A'bunadh. This is a malt that needs to breath for a while, to be at its best. This is one of my staple malts.
- Matt, 18th Dec '09
Wow this is powerfull stuff.I drink a lot of scotch, but i had to mix a little cola with it so i could drink this drop.It has smoke and toasty notes and a heavy alcohol taste.Drink this one sparingly with good friends and a good cigar.
- anonymous, 4th Nov '09
Are you mad. While I love the deep rich textures of a glenfarclas 12 and beyond the 105 is a strong brew that only the truely aquired pallet can appreciate. Love it or hate it, it has everything and a little bit more
- anonymous, 6th Sep '08
This was the first whiskey I ever drank and still love it. Although it's 60% it doesn't taste of alcohol- you simply get a lovely deep
- Dylan Williams, 9th Feb '08
105 does not have a declared age or vintage as it is a blend of casks of different ages - they use young casks to supply the power and older ones to fill in the richness and complexity. Try it, it's terrific.
- anonymous, 17th May '07
Which year?
- anonymous, 15th May '07
Tastes like heaven!!!!!!!!!
- anonymous, 13th May '07
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