Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera

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Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera
70cl / 40%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Immensely popular Glenfiddich variant. Using a Solera system common in the maturation of quality sherry, 15yo malt from three different types of casks is married together in a wooden vat, which is constantly topped up to ensure the quality is maintained.
IWSC 2012 - Gold Outstanding Medal - Whisky - Scotch
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Customer rating (31 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(31 reviews)
Best in the standard range,an fantastic whisky for the price.
- Drew, 29th August
Got a bottle of this from my folks as a birthday treat and it isn't letting me down at all. Bags of flavours and a nice long wood finish. Yes, you would be right, i'm no wordsmith on the tasting and nosing notes haha. The only downside is it's bottled at 40% which is a bit too low for me. I like to add a bit of water and it doesn't give you much room to manoeuvre. Great scotch though and will definitely get another.
- Beardy, 5th June
Defiantly the best one out of the 3 standard malts, the 15 year old is smoother and has slightly more flavour than the 12 and 18 year old. 12 year is my second and 18 my third but I still drink all three.
- anonymous, 20th March
I can highly recommend this whisky and understand why Jim Murray gave it 94.5pts. The complex treatment during the aging process involving bourbon, sherry and new American oak followed by finishing off in a solera is unique and shows through in the end product. With good depth and a fantastic long finish it's a steal at this price!
- The Colonel, 11th Apr '13
As I drink my first glass it is growing on me but I think that the glenlivet 15 is a whole lot better.
- anonymous, 21st Feb '13
The first glass of the bottle smelled too strong to enjoy. But when I returned for more several days later, it was a different story. Smelled much more colorful then before. I will certainly rebuy.
- Murat, 25th Jan '13
This is one of the best 15 year old whiskies I have tasted (however, Glenfarclas 15 is better). This whisky has a very high quality-price ratio! If you are into complex sherry and honey flavored whiskies, this is the one.
- Fredrik, 4th Jan '13
Very smooth and enjoyable.
- anonymous, 24th Nov '12
Very nice indeed.
- Rick., 20th Oct '12
A great achievement from the 12 year old version, so much worth the little extra money producer asks for. So much character in this one, possibly the best commercial single malt for the price. A must try.
- anonymous, 29th Jul '12
I love this stuff. Thick, rich, smooth and full of personality - everything you want from a good malt. Better than the 18yo. If you are looking to step up from the 12yo's to the 15yo's I would strongly recommend this malt.
- Jamie H, 9th Mar '12
very nice. I'm impressed. Going to buy another bottle and also the 14yo rich oak to compare.
- DramKing, 6th Mar '12
It's not trying to be something that it isn't. But what it does, it does to perfection.
- anonymous, 24th Sep '11
I remember the 15year solera reserve vats... that was the best 15yr and best glenfiddich ever made... def not the same as this but i still very much enjoy the sweetness just wish it had more oak and less honey to it
- anonymous, 15th Sep '11
If you want peat, look elsewhere. If you want an incredibly diverse whisky, look elsewhere. The dram doesn't have heaps going on, this is true, but what it does have, to me, is brilliant. There isn't an off-putting thing about this whisky. You get honey, baked apple, cinnamon, oak, fudge, and malt. It's abv is 40% so don?t add more than one drop of water. It's not a complicated one but doesn't need to be.. this one just leaves you thinking what a perfectly simple dram.
- anonymous, 9th Aug '11
(may contain spoilers)Wow, just wasted 30 quid on (has to be) the most over-rated 15y old malt of all-time ! Marzipan and vanilla. Should have bought a cake instead .. sigh .. that'l teach me, Highland Park next time.
- anonymous, 11th Jul '11
This is really smooth and easy to drink, not my favorite but the best of the Glenfiddich range so makes it an ideal gift for those new to malts.
- James D., 22nd Jun '11
Decent, fruity whisky , easy drinking . Sherry is obvious . A bit too sweet for me - I' d prefer the 12yo .
- cii, 15th May '11
Very good whiskey, had bottles of the 12, 14, 18 year olds and the toasted oak reserve, this in my opinon is the best.
- Mike TG, 1st Feb '11
the 15 year old rocks. done the12 and the 18 year olds. of the 3 this for me is the best. this is the one to have on the shelf all the time.
- stewie ramone, 18th Sep '10
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