Glenfiddich 18 Year Old

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Glenfiddich 18 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
An elegant nose, faintly sweet, scented with apple and wood. Glenfiddich 18yo is a robust and full-bodied single malt whisky, yet remains remarkably soft, rounded and long lasting.
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Customer rating (17 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
just had a wee dram and oh boy it is delightful. pure class.
- hotspur harry, 21st June
price quality ratio is one of the best in the world
- anonymous, 2nd May
I have tasted nearly every whisky on the market and have kept an extensive collection of mainly 25-year-old whiskies in my cellar for over 20 years now. This 18-year-old is magnificent! Extremely good value for money and a competitor for my other favourites Macallan 18-year-old and Glenmorangie 30-year-old! Buy it and enjoy it. It is smooth, fruity and mellow.
- Bernard Uttley, Switzerland, 1st Nov '13
This whisky is an absolute bargain for it's age, and it doesn't taste too bad either! Lovely sherry notes, and soooo smooth you'll find it hard to put down.
- anonymous, 8th Nov '12
This is good, really good, but I just simply prefer the 15yo. This is often on demonstration stalls in UK duty free and I always have a nip just to see if my tastes have changed but as yet they haven't. Until they do I can't justify shelling out for a bottle.
- Jamie H, 9th Mar '12
Save your money and buy the 15 yo solera.The 15 is much better and really one of the best whiskys in the world.
- Lars Nilsson, 30th Jul '11
I thought the Glenfiddch 15 year old was good, but this is even better. It is also a lot better than some of the other 18 year old single malts out there. At first I didn't rate it, but its warm, understated elegance grows on you.
- John, 23rd Apr '11
Why do some so called malt drinkers think that because certain malts are sold on a large commercial basis they are not worth bothering with?let me tell you this 18yo is one of the best out there...go on all you snobs, give this a try.
- mark brailsford, 26th Jan '11
Best drink ever!
- anonymous, 6th Dec '10
Man, this is a whisky dream come true.. a real treat to the senses. Unbelievable balance, lovely apple and orange undertones, coupled with a hint of smoke that is merely there to enhance the experience. Briefly, the best single malt under 40 quid. My ALL TIME FAVORITE. Must keep at least two bottles handy and replenish when you can. Enjoy folks.
- zeus, 17th Jun '10
the 12 year old is nice. this 18 year old is even better. very nice fruit flavour at the finnish.
- stewie ramone, 28th Feb '10
Ive just bought a bottle of this stuff and im leaving it for christmas day.
- Mavrickxxx., 17th Dec '09
This is a very dangerous whisky! - it is so good, that once you have tasted it, you cannot drink anything less.This is what happened to me. So here I am ordering more bottles.So, if you can't afford it, don't even try it!
- anonymous, 30th Nov '09
Don't let the fact that because Glenfiddich is the top selling single malt put you off. It sells a lot of malt because the product is superb! This 18 yo is magnificent. Slight smoke on the nose but a first taste of date - orange peel and plum. A truly superb single malt for all seasons!
- trebor, 20th Nov '09
I am reviewing the 18 year old ancient reserve seeing as it is the bottle featured ?!As described the dram is oak apple with honey and some maltyness on the nose. This drifts in with real subtlety and is more to my taste than the 12 year old. A more characterful dram with a long finish worth the 6 year wait...
- davey boy, 3rd Apr '09
good whisky better than the more expensive ancient reserve this i had with just an ice cube ancient reserve with alot of water. this is smooth with no bad after taste .
- anonymous, 15th Dec '08
best whisky i have ever tasted and i have tasted alot-just add a wee bit water
- taster, 1st Jul '08
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