Bombay Sapphire Gin

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Bombay Sapphire Gin
70cl / 40%
Trendy younger sibling to Bombay Original, on whose recipe it is based (with a couple of extra botanicals). Credited with kickstarting gin's fashionability since its launch in 1987, Bombay Sapphire has become a truly iconic brand, with its distinctive blue bottle recognisable in bars the world over.
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Customer rating (12 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
This was a gift for my sister-in-law and she was overjoyed at the content of the bottle and the presentation glass and its casing, JOB WELL DONE!!!
- RAY BLAKE, 22nd June
im hooked on this good gin
- steve, 11th Jul '13
Everyone has different taste so different gins suit different taste buds. I like it!!
- anonymous, 15th Feb '13
Whenever Gin comes to my mind,its Bombay Sapphire only;total top stuff with lovely flavours..
- Mani, 13th Dec '12
a beautiful cerfisticated taste and toped off with a kick thats just right all over perfect
- jay, 4th Dec '12
This is a nice smooth, rounded gin, which you can appreciate if the palate is not tainted, as it is not too 'sharp'. Use a tonic such as Fever-Tree to complement the wonderful taste and aroma. Enjoy.
- Ella, 5th Feb '10
Good Lord! I wouldn't touch this stuff with yours, has a very unpleasant, dusty, coriander husk flavour to it and that's all. Totally overpowered by tonic and useless in a martini. Use it to clear the drains. Drink Plymouth if you don't want too much juniper, or Tanqueray, Beefeater 24 or Junipero if you actually like gin.
- puceflume, 11th Oct '09
top quality drop. a exquisite blending of botanicals mixed with dryness that other gins often lack, make this drink perfect for anyone that wants their gin and tonic or soda with a dryer edge. reasonable juniper hit, licorice undertones, may be too dry for some martini drinkers.
- L, 22nd Jan '09
An excellent gin, with nicer botanicals than most, and a fresh taste - although it's not too dry. A good, every-day kind of gin, which started me on the gin kick, and I still keep a bottle in, alongside the Tanqueray and Hendricks!
- Jon, 26th Nov '08
Absolute rubbish stuff. The vodka drinkers gin. Has little or no juniper flavour and that is what gin should taste of! Mines a Tanqueray anytime!
- anonymous, 25th Nov '08
- STEVIE, 25th Nov '08
Gotta love this gin! My favourite. Smell greats and taste damn good. I prefer this coz it's much more smoother than the rest.
- Jason, 19th Sep '07
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