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TWE Whisky Glass
Whisky Glass
The long stemmed tulip glass that is our favourite here at TWE. It is the only glass which works for all styles of whisky as well as other aged spirits. Perfect for nosing and it delivers the whisky on exactly the right part of the tongue. Simply branded only on the base of the glass with the words 'The Single Malts of Scotland'.
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Customer Reviews:(2 reviews)
Incredible. Having never enjoyed whisky from a nosing glass before, I popped a measure of Ledaig in one of these... marvellous! An absolute must-have for a whisky-lover, plus the 'thistle' style adds a certain elegance. The only disadvantage is that it is a little less stable than a solid-based Glencairn Glass.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 9th Mar '12
Not bad for nosing, but I prefer the Glencairn glass.
- anonymous, 25th Apr '11
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