TWE Whisky Glass / 6 Pack

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TWE Whisky Glass / 6 Pack
Whisky Glass
After much experimentation, we have found these to be the best glasses to catch as many of the aromas and flavours of your whisky as possible. Simply branded only on the base of the glass with the words 'The Single Malts of Scotland'.
6-Pack of Glasses
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Customer Reviews:(18 reviews)
A fantastic looking glass, I can hold the stem while drinking my malts without warming them up. Tops.
- kevsta., 18th May '13
Fantastic glasses that really bring out the aroma of a fine whiskey
- Clive, 17th May '13
Gives a fantastic nose and size for a decent sample! Really love them, my new favourite
- Alexandra Stapleton , 17th May '13
A great alternative to the Glencairn lovely to hold and perfect for nosing - I was delighted to find that a standard glass lid fits perfectly. Fast delivery and perfectly packed - so delighted as usual with my Whisky Exchange purchase.
- Disco Stu, 16th May '13
Beautiful glasses for beautiful liquid.
- HP, 16th May '13
Good size glasses for a decent dram & nose appreciation. Robust, practical glasses for the appreciation of good whiskey.
- Kevin H, 16th May '13
I haven't used abundantly since buying, as it's happened, but have been more than satisfied with the product; it functions as well as the Glencairn option, for me, as far as I've been able to tell, and is a valid alternative for me, practically, with long glass neck. I would recommend!
- anonymous, 16th May '13
Great price for a great glass, very nice for tasting and nosing from.
- James , 16th May '13
Since discovering these glasses I have always used them to enjoy a good malt whisky and wouldn't consider serving a nice whisky in anything else. Brilliant for nosing and tasting and much more pleasant in the hand than the Glencairn glass. I also like its thinner, more delicate glass!
- D. Kennedy, 16th May '13
Lovely glasses, nice to hold, great aromas, and good for other spirits too!
- anonymous, 16th May '13
Excellent quality glasses that help add a sense of occasion to taking a dram
- S Westlake, 16th May '13
Great size and shape for nosing, an essential companion to any whisky collection.
- Benedict, 16th May '13
I found the Glencairn glasses too large and had been using a sherry glass until I purchased one of these. It's absolutely excellent for nosing and drinking is from. It's stronger than it looks, can take a knock and is well balanced. The only glass I drink all whiskies and bourbons from.
- Edward, 22nd Sep '12
I love my whisky and am dead serious when I do my tastings, and I found that these glasses are fantastic. They work really well concentrating the aromas and are also very pleasing to the eye. And rather affordable too I might add!
- Ben, 27th Nov '11
creo que son las adecuadas
- josep antoni, 23rd Jun '10
It just looks like a copy of a Glencairn on a long stem!!!
- M Larsson, 26th Dec '09
A great purchase for the novice drinker!
- Gregorius P. Blackbard, 30th Nov '09
I find these to be much better than a "Glencairn" glass for nosing. you dont get any alcohol burn in the eyes if you breathe out ino these.
- anonymous, 21st Oct '09
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