Glenlivet 12 Year Old

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Glenlivet 12 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
One of the most famous malts in the world. Glenlivet 12yo has a soft smooth balance of sweet summer fruits and the floral notes of spring flowers.
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Customer rating (45 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
Nose:  Remarkably flowery, clean & soft

Body:  Light to medium, firm, smooth

Palate:  Flowery, peachy, notes of vanilla, delicate balance between sweetness & malty dryness

Finish:  Long, gently warming
Customer Reviews:(45 reviews)
No doubt as soon as it touches your taste buds you will know this is quality and smooth, cannot imagine it being better with a longer maturation.
- Pat 18/09/2014, Yesterday
I really like the sweetness of Speyside whiskys and this certainly doesn't disappoint. Colour is bright with shimmering gold. Nose is of a summer meadow with ripe fruits. Palate is again ripe fruit wirh fresh but sweet notes. Could perhaps be a little smoother for my palate. Finish is long with hints of fresh coconut and a hint of almonds. For the price and age this is a lovely dram. Like I said could maybe be a tiny bit smoother on the palate but nothing to really gripe about and I'm probably being rather picky! Maybe competes with my favourite Old Pulteney 12 - although they are very different whiskys !
- Craig Bryant, 13th July
Fairly new to this whisky lark, I'd been avoiding paying for the more common malts, wanting to get a taste for the more unusual, and so I imagined, the more interesting. However, I picked up a bottle of this cheap last week, and now all I want is more of it. It's delicious. You can drink it neat as a warming nightcap or with a couple of ice cubes if you're after something a bit fresher. Ice, rather than spoiling it, brings out a different taste altogether. Very, very impressed.
- Tom, 29th May
Great whisky, great value. With all its history it is still the malt to beat. I would recomend it without reservation.
- Johnny Norfolk, 10th March
Very creamy and fruity, somewhat complex. Very pleasant drink without doubt.
- Tommy, 26th January
A great whisky at a great price. Very approachable.
- anonymous, 15th Nov '13
A very nice drink indeed, no burnt barrel taste and no taste of peat. A very nice smooth whiskey.
- anonymous, 29th Sep '13
Plain and simple indeed, but I like that cocoa-mint-cream nose.
- Mikko, 9th Jun '13
It's a great entry single malt however I find it rather bland compared to such as bushmills 10yo and singleton.
- anonymous, 23rd Mar '13
Great Speysider for the money, plain and simple.
- anonymous, 29th Jul '12
Got to be one of the best Speys going. Sure, you can try lots of other malts, but i bet you will be returning to this one time and time again. Georgious. Much better than Glenfiddich IMO.
- anonymous, 19th Mar '12
Optimises the standard in everything I look for in a Speyside single malt, just drink and enjoy. Creamy and smooth, subtle yet rich-underlying flavour, however not too subtle that's it's watery - just perfect. Always provides for me a bubbly happy level of tipsiness.
- Anderson, 13th Mar '12
The floral explosion definitely sells this one to me, it has a very distinctive flavour. I'd highly recommend it!
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 9th Mar '12
As far as 12 year old Speysides go, I prefer Linkwood 12yo (though it is also more expensive). Glenlivet 12 does have those flowery, malty dryness notes. But definitely no peaches and no vanilla. If not for the lovely warming finish, this would have been a little disappointing.
- MK, 26th Feb '12
I cannot believe someone thinks JW black is better than this! GL is a malt of the highest quality. Try the 18yr old...sublime!!
- mark brailsford, 20th Nov '11
Once upon a time, my love of Bourbon convinced me that I would never like the taste of Scotch of any type - full stop. Until that magical day when I opened up a bottle of this that my girlfriend had been given as a gift many years ago and hey presto! - my taste buds were conquered. A lovely drink that you will never know if you do not try.
- JR, 10th Nov '11
1st time i've bought this and impressed. coming off a few of the islay single malts this was a pleasant change. very smooth with plenty of sherry and not too much of the malty dryness. a fan!
- jon 05/08/11, 5th Aug '11
I see what you mean, Richard. Glenfiddich is more fruity and 'ripe' on the nose than the Glenlivet. It also has a slight touch of smoke, which is absent in the Glenlivet. However, I find the Glenlivet more complex and ultimately a bit more satisfying. They're both really good though and deserve their popularity. Keep an eye out for the Glenlivet 12 First Fill - it's better than the regular 12.
- Manu, 11th May '11
Voicing the many others I'd have to agree on the nose. Flowery and vanillery ( if thats a word) . It is smooth and easy to drink. It leans towards a floral taste, yet its mildly sharp, bitter and acidic. It's not a bad tasting 12 year old but there are better options out there. If you are going to buy a 12 year old Scotch in this price bracket in opt for Glenfiddich....of course its all subjective.
- Richard Murfin, 22nd Apr '11
agree with most of the above, those who like it, that is, the glenlivet 12 is a classic speysider, period.
- anonymous, 21st Jan '11
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