Glenmorangie Signet

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Glenmorangie Signet
70cl / 46%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A delicious no-age-statement dram from Glenmorangie, some of the spirit in Signet has been made using a unique heavily-roasted Chocolate Malt that really beefs up the rich flavours. The packaging is very impressive too.

IWSC 2012 - Gold Outstanding Medal - Whisky - Scotch
World Whiskies Awards 2014: Best Highland Single Malt NAS
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CountryScotlandRegionHighlandBottlerDistillery Bottling
Customer Reviews:(26 reviews)
I found this disappointing considering the rave reviews it's gotten. A glass of this shared the table with a Glenfarclas 21, a Dailuaine 27 from Adelphi, Brora 2003 and Port Ellen 7th release, and the Signet couldn't beat any of them. A sort of a charred, coffe aroma-enrichened Glenmorangie but not particularly complex or rich. For this rather heavy price more value is easy to find.
- M. Helminen, 14th Oct '13
Phenomenal dram from the Glenmorangie distillery. Whether Signet deserves its price tag argument being completely customer-dependent -thus, relative, this is the very dram which Glenmorangie has outdone itself, that's for sure! Fancy packaging is not to be criticized for the very same reason either, because a dram that is so unique and fabulous certainly deserves to be spoiled also in this regard. Well done, Glenmorangie.
- Scotch Fan , 15th Sep '13
La experiencia de un Signet se recuerda toda la vida. Es indudablemente una obra de arte de la casa Glenmorangie.
- anonymous, 6th Jul '13
The holy grail of whisky. Well behaved and full of chocolate,dark sugars and fruit and leaves a velvet covering on the tongue like chocolate does which no doubt is the combination of the rare high roast malt and single estate cadboll barley with a generous helping of the vast and precious wealth of knoll-age the sixteen men of Tain have. Whisky this good usually commands much more money so in my eyes it's a steel at this price !.
- Stu, 2nd May '13
My friends and I hold whisky gatherings at least 3-4 times a year, one of our flock has a liking for glenmorangie and has presented us with a long line of relatively uninteresting commercial tasting specimens so I wasnt expecting much from the Signet but oh boy was I wrong, this has got to be in my top three malts ive tasted for many a bottle, far better than even the Old Pulteney 21 Mr Murray just awarded top swig of 2012 (a bottle we also had at the same sitting).
- blank, 9th Apr '13
Got a bottle of this as a present today. I am not whisky drinker but after reading the reviews I cannot wait to get home and pour a glass. Thankfully I am off work tomorrow.
- John : Fife, 4th Apr '13
To my mind a dram designed more for the Asian export markets, or for those new to drinking whisky. Far too sweet and chocolatey for my tastes. I opened a bottle with a few members of the SMWS with great fanfare, but sadly there was no interest in a second helpings.
- HWD, 16th Mar '13
I have a glass of this in my hand as I write this, and although I think packaging which is undoubtedly beautiful has increased the price it is still a fantastic whisky! I'm waiting for my bottle of sonnalta px to compare as there's a good £40 in the price difference! All scepticism aside I'd buy this again, but everyone's palates are different so is a review really gospel to go by???
- Sean Petch , 8th Jan '13
An undeniably good whisky, but I couldn't help feeling I was paying more for the sumptuous packaging. There are better GM's available at a more attractive price.
- Finnegan, 15th Dec '12
Last night at an engagement party I tasted Glenlivet 21, Glenfiddich 21, Johnny Walker blue label. All three together didn't compare to Glenmorangie Signet a taste of heaven! Smooth with fantastic taste and flavors . I've been dreaming about it all day!
- Mike S., 25th Oct '12
One of the best i ever had,surely will buy more!
- Kishore Rajendran, 8th Aug '12
I also know more about whisky than James Saxon. This whisky is truly wonderful, and is equal to the finest Japanese malts. It is called a chocolate malt for good reason - it has a rich sweetness and is incredibly smooth, and is worth every penny
- Mike, 20th Jun '12
Last night i opened my 3cl sample bottle, i now wish i had bought the full size bottle. It was the best i have tried for a long time.
- anonymous, 12th Mar '12
This is seriously one of the best whisky's I have tried to date. Amazing nose followed by this dark chocolate palate and as you keep drinking it more and more characteristics develop. I only share it with my good friends and then they only ever get a sip! So happy I bought this one!
- Whisky Giraffe, 14th Sep '11
I have just returned from a tour of the glenmorangie distillery and having tasted this whiskey after the tour i must say... this is one of the best whiskeys i have ever tasted. Not too peated but enough that you can taste it, heavenly chocolate with a finish of caramel and burned toast. I would happily pay 3 times the amount of money this bottle costs and would expect to if i had tasted it without knowing the price.
- Bowen, 5th Aug '11
I know more about Single Malts than James Saxon. I consider myself to be educated as far as whisky is concerned (I am the Chairman of our local whisky club). Therefore I have to say James Saxon is very wrong. Amazing chameleon character that goes from candy shop sweetness to salty highland bruiser to Ardmorish mainland peatness with water and 30 minutes in the glass.
- Jorma Pulkkinen, 27th Feb '11
- dinis, 7th Jan '11
I'm new to this whisky lark but I can say this is a blinder.
- Graham, 14th Dec '10
I have been very fortunate around whiskey. I have two family members who work at Glenmorangie and have tasted 80 year old and 100 year old when Ive had 2 private tours of the distillery and the 2 people bickering over there views should taste what i have. This whiskey is not close but not to far from an 80 year old. enjoy its a bargain!
- stuart coyne, 26th Nov '10
HEAVEN IN A GLASS !!! one of the best i have tried, the chocolate really comes through and it leaves a wonderful aftertaste. In my humble opinion (unlike the posting above - he who apparently knows everything and considers himself educated) this is far better than the 25 year old - for half the price !! Have a try, you won't regret it !
- Daniel Harwood (a whisky collector), 4th Jul '10
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