Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX

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Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX
70cl / 46%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
This Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX is the second of the distillery's Private Collection bottlings after 2008's release of Astar. Sonnalta PX has been finished in casks formerly containing Pedro Ximenez, a deliciously rich, sweet sherry. A great success at a recent TWE tasting in Vinopolis.
Whisky Bible 2010: Best Scotch New Brand;
Whisky Bible 2012: Best No Age Statement Single Malt Scotch (Multiple Casks); 96.5 Points

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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionHighlandBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinuedCask TypeSherry
Customer Reviews:(16 reviews)
What does it matter what score it gets, we all have differing palates, for me this is top draw. I was a staunch Irish Pot Still Whiskey drinker but there are only so many & this was the 1st Scotch I bought of a review / ever really tried & guess what? It is gorgeous.
- H, 18th Feb '13
This dram is so good I had to pry it out of my wife's hand so I could drink it. Don't believe all the haters.
- MAW, 25th Dec '12
this is sherried gold - a great effort by glenmorangie
- Travis Kingdon, 17th May '12
To Keith & James, if you do not agree with Jim Murray's whisky bible scores then just don't bother reading it, simple. As Michael mentioned there are a large number of ardbeg & glenmorangie whiskies that score below 80. You should just drink it and either enjoy it or dislike it, but get a life and keep your nasty opinions to yourself.
- Dan, 25th Feb '12
its horses for courses. if u happen to be a peathead and prefer the peatier malts then something like this isnt going to be your ideal dram. i personally dont mind it, i think its very easy to drink and is quite tasty, yes there are better whiskys that are cheaper or more expencive but there always will be.
- quaid, 23rd Feb '11
And by the way the Sonnalta PX is a fantastic dram. Have to agree about the price a little to high.
- Michael T. Nielsen, 11th Aug '10
Keith> Ardbeg Lord of the Isles, a highly commercial and extremely expencive dram, is only rated 85 by Jim Murray. So not all get star reviews.
- Michael T. Nielsen, 11th Aug '10
For me it was the best Glenmorangie on offer! I fully agree with Jimbo, it is the stuff for the sherry lovers:)Much better than Astar whisch too woody for me.
- Jean Lesourde., 17th Jul '10
Too true. As if Jim Murray can sample 8 million whiskies a year and then rate them to the decimal point (he smells them - ha!).Still, the Lagavulin Pedro Ximenez is amazing, so I'd like to try this boring yeasty dram to see what the "dressing up" does. But not at this price.
- Snake, 5th Jun '10
I agree with Saxon the so called 'Whisky Bible' is written by Jim Murray who has been known to act as an employee and ambassador for Ardbeg. Anything from Ardbeg always gets star reviews. Oh by the way the parent company of Ardbeg is non other than Glenmorangie plc - 96.5 hah!
- Keith Evans, 14th May '10
Philip can you not decide for yourself then instead of having to rely on a book - which as everyone knows is highly slanted to certain distilleries! You really need to form some opinions of your own and taste malt without being led.
- james saxon, 13th May '10
james saxon - Forgive me if I trust the Whisky Bible score more than a disgruntled drinker. I bought this on the strength of the 96.5 score and I thought Sonnalta was terrific
- Philip, 13th May '10
Easy to be cynical as above, but what's so 'marketing dept idea' about sherried whisky - not exactly an unusual concept? This works - if you like sherried whisky you won't be disappointed.
- Jimbo, 13th May '10
Yet another dressed up malt - an average offering hiding behind a marketing dept idea. Very average dram, very expensive ploy.
- james saxon, 12th May '10
Good whisky - Can't wait to get the next bottle.
- Rteo, 30th Apr '10
I drank it whole night so easy to drink yet very complex
- rico, 20th Apr '10
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