The North British 1980

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The North British 1980
70cl / 60.3%
Single Grain Scotch Whisky
A 1980 vintage bottle of North British grain whisky. This has been bottled at staggering 60.3%.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(8 reviews)
i do not lie jimbo nor am i a bullsh1tter (like you) either last week i got another 2 bottles of the nb1980 but alas the cost now is ?16.00 per bottle aint it a pity your not in the know jimbo just you stick to grouse choke it down ya plonker
- anonymous, 22nd Nov '08
I recently went on a tour of the NB Distillery as part of my university course. Afterwards there was a tasting session of the various products that used the Distillery's spirits which included two bottles of the above. The staff who took us on the tour said that they were able to buy it from the staff shop. I don't remember what price they said it was but, if they were willing to give two bottles away to us, then I suspect it is neither as expensive nor as scarce as Jimbo suspects.
- anonymous, 6th Nov '08
I recently received a bottle of 1980 as a gift having completed a contract for the distillery. So there is some still available, but not for sale as far as i am aware
- anonymous, 1st Nov '08
Either the above poster is completely ignorant or he/she is just a total bullsh1tter. It simply isn't possible. This bottling was done years ago, I very much doubt that they still have it to sell at the distillery - and if they did, it certainly wouldn't be for ?14. Maybe ?140. This whisky has never been ?14, end of discussion.
- jimbo, 27th Oct '08
you can buy it for ?14.00 a bottle from the staff shop and yes it is the same whisky wooden head by jcc
- anonymous, 24th Oct '08
Don't be ridiculous, I'm sure you can buy some kind of expression at the distillery, but it isn't going to be a cask-strength 1980 vintage of this very rarely-seen whisky. And not for ?14 either.
- JJ, 9th Sep '08
great tasting whisky you can buy it for ?14 at the distillary
- anonymous, 6th Sep '08
a very unique and quality whisky well worth the money superb whisky
- anonymous, 28th Feb '08
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