Glendronach 12 Year Old - Original

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Glendronach 12 Year Old - Original
70cl / 43%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A dense, heavily-sherried dram from a distillery now producing again after a six-year layoff. A malt best suited to after-dinner sipping.
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Customer rating (16 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Billy A

Nose: Sweet, rich and spicy fruit, with sugared lemons and limes, granny smith apples, honey and caramel.

Palate: Toffee sweetness, apples, a hint of vanilla and a rich dark fruit background. Water lightens things with more orchard fruit, but without diminishing the richness of the dark fruit hiding underneath.

Finish: Dusty wood, raisins and sweet fruit leaves

Comments: A solid sherried whisky sitting at the bottom of the Glendronach range but punching above well above its price-point.

Customer Reviews:(16 reviews)
In a class of its own
- anonymous, 22nd June
GD12 is the very best money can buy at this range. At entry level malt, GD12 far out-distances all other sherry-Speysiders. Yup, best-bang-for you-buck kinda thing. MY DAILY DRAM. (Pls don't raise the price).
- Toronto Tim (Canada), 27th April
It starts with a nice nose, sherry richness coming through with biscuit and cake aromas. Good balance of matltiness, nuttiness, Oak, some spices and berry fruits. The finish is bitter chocolate and dry, but a good entry level Glendronach and a good drinking experience.
- NK, 28th February
Beautiful stuff
- Foxtrot, 7th Nov '13
A lovely sherried Speysider, almost a 'sherry-monster', and very well priced too. What's not to love?!
- Whisky Tango, 13th Sep '13
A heavy, chewy, Christmas pudding of a whisky: simply delicious. Very similar to Glenfarclas 15yr old, but at 3/4 the price, and arguably better. This is not a subtle dram: it's a big hitter: this is the Big Peat of sherry whiskies.
- Martin Smith (Ayrshire), 17th Aug '13
Rico: We've tried to get some Octarine but it was a French exclusive that only a few other stores managed to get a few bottles of.
- TWE Admin, 17th Dec '12
And how about the 8yo edition, ie. The Octarine? i heard it had 46% and was non-chill filtered - I saw it in Italy, Spain and Poland.
- rico, 16th Dec '12
Breathe it in to get light creamy vanilla, sherry, a few toffee notes and fruit cake. On the palate is strong sherry, sweet spice, autumn fruit (blackberries) with a bit of warmth. I find the finish to be very, very short on this whisky though, so don’t expect it to be dense and heavy, you’ll finish your glass quickly (may or may not be a bad thing!?!).
- Sean Sankey, 4th Dec '12
Our tasting group rated this offering one of the most complex yet accessable and easy to drink
- G Connolly, 22nd Jul '11
Absoloutely superb neat however the 15 year old is even smoother and well worth the extra 20 pounds
- Ashley, 26th May '11
From a simpler time, when slighty burnt raisin fairy cakes where order of the day at the school fate.
- Daniel Dravot Esq., 7th Apr '11
The nose is very sherried and foreshadows what awaits on the palate. Once you taste, you will discover it is quite sherried. Lightly spiced. Rich, sweet, red fruits like strawberries and red currants. Very light peat. Medium bodied. Some somewhat dry sherry, raisins and cloves linger a decent amount of time. Finally, there is a zing of burnt toast with strawberry jam and some rasberries. Oak is there too. Very good value for money.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 14th Aug '10
The new version is much better than the older one. A little acidity(lemon)and quite some maltiness with some sherryness, quite powerfull and a long finish. IT's less powerfull than the 15 and 18 year old but it is also quite different. More easy drinkable also.
- MARS, 7th Feb '10
This was my introduction to single malts. Rich and full-bodied. Good value too.
- John, 3rd Apr '08
I recently (MAY 07) purchase a bottle duty free and what initially attracted me was the darker colour than that of other malts id previously tried. For me the big stand out was the subtle toffee flavours and the price, in my opinion it drinks in a higher price bracket. I also found it was complimented with a nice Cuban cigar which introduced a rich earthy flavour. Very enjoyable drinking.
- S Bennetto, 18th Oct '07
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