The Glenrothes Select Reserve

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The Glenrothes Select Reserve
70cl / 43%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
The Glenrothes traditionally bottle single malts from specific vintages, so this no-age-statement example raised a few eyebrows when it first appeared. However, the only thing recent batches have raised is the bar - this is tremendous easy-drinking Speyside.

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(£29.13 ex. VAT)
Customer Reviews: (19 reviews)
Have to say- this was a really nice- middle if the road, great value malt!! Well recommended :)
- The Flying Scotsman, 23rd March
Just finished my Christmas gift. Finest bottle of whisky I have ever sampled (and there have been a few!)
- anonymous, 30th January
gifted one bottle by my son on my 74th birthday .wish it had been 30 years earlier !!! much enjoyed.
- Roy Campbell, 11th January
I have finished two (2) bottles of this single malt, months apart. I found it to be an excellent value - much more than I had expected for the price.
- gerry3902, 2nd January
The ultimate entry-level Single Malt Scotch for beginners as well as those who want to take a break from other types of whisky/whiskey (American, Bourbon, Irish, Canadian and so forth) and be introduced to the world of Single Malt Scotch. A very approachable, easily drinkable, soft and elegant, mostly well-mannered dram despite being a bit young. Round and oily, no rough edges, astonishing entry-level dram for the price!
- Scotch Fan , 22nd Sep '13
what can i say smooth' full of flavour even my wife likes it it changes with every sip.if peaty whiskey is not to your taste try this you will enjoy this. nice
- tank buchanan, 3rd Mar '13
Great Drink love it
- Phil.., 16th Feb '13
A good single malt
- anonymous, 26th Jan '13
This single malt is the one that first attracted me to whisky and remains my favourite. I have noticed it has appeared in a certain national supermarket , but not as competitively priced as this one!
- lee , Leicester , UK, 12th Dec '12
I got a bottle of this as a present for my 60th this year and must say that it is one of the nicest I have ever tasted, think I will be ordering another one soon, would highly recommend.
- Denis, 21st Nov 12, 21st Nov '12
One of my favorite Speysides, for sure. A little spicy, vanilla and honey flavors pull through well, as well as heather and other interesting notes. The nose is a bit briney. Wonderful complexity and great value. I agree with some that the flavor profile is a bit chaotic, but that's part of what I really like about this whisky. Truly unique, which is welcome as many Speysides are a bit too similar.
- Mr Ected, 21st Mar '11
Received this as a gift a couple days ago and was absolutely floored by it. This is a beautiful whisky. Clean and smooth. My new favorite Speyside...
- Ryan, 13th Dec '10
bitterness!!?? no cant detect any of that the guy must have a loose filling or something. classic speysider v easy to drink.
- quaid, 13th Aug '10
I enjoy this because it is multi-dimensional. The flavor changes with each passing minute. From the moment I sip it initially neat, to a half hour later. It almost adds maturity to the scotch. Love it.
- anonymous, 5th Jun '10
Just got this for my birthday from my daughter. Thoroughly enjoyable whiskey. Not clear as to ageing, there's no indication of this and perhaps it's a little fresh, certainly is a little lively even at 80 proof. A good addition though and worth sharing with friends and family.
- BadHobbit, 26th Oct '09
no bitterness and very little spice, rather smooth, for Speysides my favourite is still Tamnavulin or Macallan...can't get enough of the aroma however, it is outstanding. I spent more time taking it in than sipping it.
- Terry, 17th Sep '09
Step 1 - Remove from box
- Yossi, 8th Jan '09
I don't agree with the aussie--everyone to their own taste .However if you are a speyside fan than do try this .It is smooth clean(not in the slightess bitter )and full flavoured. I've just finished a bottle and am stocking up.
- anonymous, 20th Dec '08
Got a bottle of this for my wife on her last birthday party and must say that it was not as good as i was hoping for due to the hype , was kind of bitter with a touch of sherry sweetness and spice but nothing to write home about ( i paid $60 on special ) the Aberlour 10yo was better, and the Glenmorangie 10yo much better .
- aussie shaun, 5th Dec '08
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