Isle of Jura 10 Year Old

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Isle of Jura 10 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Isle of Jura 10yo is a very accessible, easy-drinking malt. Medium-bodied with a delicate sweet palate, with a hint of brine developing on the finish. A great introductory malt.
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Customer rating (62 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(62 reviews)
Opened bottle of origin last week for my birthday the wife bought me – nectar
- anonymous, 31st August
Opened a bottle of this tonight which my son bought me for my birthday, must say that I found it a pleasant drop, sweet and easy to drink neat. By the way it is whisky not whiskey :(
- Graygo, 1st March
Jura is often available on special offer in some major UK supermarkets; which makes it great value. It has a unique distinct flavour profile, that includes fresh and cheerful vanilla toffee with a short finish. I love that they sell half bottles on special offer. Great value in it's price range.
- Keith, 11th Dec '13
I completely agree with Jamie H's review....very nice, but I think I would buy Aberlour or Glenmorangie again over this.
- anonymous, 11th Nov '13
Very smooth and easy to drink, I would try any whisky with a few spots of water for comparisons purposes and have found in many cases it brings out more aromas, in this case it just ripped the taste out of it. A top quality whisky highly recommended on it's own!
- A Scotsman, 27th Sep '13
there is no sutch thing as a bad whiskey its just some are better than others. i am poor & for the price this is exalent
- anonymous, 1st Apr '13
I have tried dozens of single malts over the years and the 10 years old Jura remains my favorite. As a matter of fact that is the only whiskey I drink for the last several years. I keep other single malts for the house guests and offer Jura only to very close friends.
- SPP, 28th Feb '13
LOVE IT i've tried many malts all a little different and unique...cant fault this one tho you should try superstition as well,but be warned....its VERY easy to drink !!
- bikerpaul, 4th Sep '12
Really the peaty smell is obnoxious it's great in taste style and surpasses all other scotches,it's magic with tast and marvellous in aroma
- Sneh Kant , 5th Aug '12
Out of the fifty or so different whisky’s I’ve tried so far this is the only one I couldn’t drink. It does have a very unique flavour to it but unfortunately it is not one that I could appreciate.
- Bolg of the North, 27th Jun '12
For the price there is nothing wrong with this whiskey at all yes you could pay a little more and buy a JW black label which is better. However if you are really going to pay more go for the Jura 16 year old you will not be disappointed and worth every penny for the experience
- anonymous, 3rd Apr '12
My review of 7th May 11 was a little harsh. My taste in single malts has moved away from Islay's and I'm now beginning to appreciate the sweet, honeyed tones of this whisky. So much so, in fact, that I've just ordered a bottle of 16 year old to compare !
- Craig Bryant, 3rd Apr '12
Easy enough to drink and wasn't disappointed (especially for the price). Probably won't buy another bottle though. Aberlour 10yo a much better option.
- Jamie H, 9th Mar '12
Im pretty new to whisky in general, but I have tried a good few of the mainstream single malts i.e Glenfiddich, Penderyn, Glenmorangie etc, and I have to say this far out guns most single malts in this price range. YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH THIS! Beautiful on the nose, very smooth and has a great depth of flavours.
- Greg J, 28th Feb '12
jura is bit too strong tasting for me and putting ice with it seems to turn it to a rude smelling peat - bit of warm water vastly improves it bringing out the sweet honey.
- bingo wings, 20th Jan '12
My favorite 'drinking' Whisky. £21.95 here is an excellent price as I've just paid £29.95 for a bottle! (a downfall of living in the Inner Hebrides lol). If you like this then move up a grade to Superstition - I'm on a quest to sample many more Jura expressions (and live 500 metres from the Ledaig distillery!)
- Andi, 19th Jan '12
Firstly great value for your cash £20 not bad! easy drinking lovely sweet nose ,honey, slight salt,citus fruits and a wiff of summer breezz. A good starting point for any up and cumming Whisky buff.
- ironandtri, 13th Dec '11
Good, warming, nice after taste, with a heavenly nose
- Ponderosa Pete DL, 19th Nov '11
I tried Jura 10 year old single malt for the first time today and found a whisky which has a good nose and an accessable and subtle flavour taken straight. Add a drop of water and other pleasurable aspects develope. Honey after-taste, though with a somewhat short finish. Overall however, a very good dram!
- Bennettonbeer, 29th Sep '11
very good
- anonymous, 17th Sep '11
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