Isle of Jura Superstition

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Isle of Jura Superstition
70cl / 43%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A union of two Jura malt whisky styles: one bold, strong and peated, the other warm and delicate. Superstition is a unique whisky created from the marriage of traditional Islay style peated barley and a selection of aged malts.
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Customer Reviews:(31 reviews)
This whiskey is superb , lightly pleated then explodes with flavour.
- Frankie baby, 21st January
just fantastic...the best of the jura malts
- billy the ger, 20th Sep '12
Extraordinarily smooth and sweet. Although definitely not a complex beastie, this one would be a good first-time introduction to the wonderful world of Scotch whisky.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 15th Sep '12
I have an incredible fondness for this whisky. Only lightly peated which just gives another dimension rather than any real smokiness, but such smooth honey taste and thick, mouth coating texture keep me coming back every once in a while.
- EC, 12th Apr '12
Mediocre in my opinion. A bit different from the norm but no better in fact I understand why It always tends to be discounted in supermarkets.
- GrahamL, 2nd Jan '12
Brian and Ruben- sorry if I'm being a tad ignorant but why do you consider this to be a vatted malt? I could be wrong but I was under the impression that most distilleries mix whisky from different casks to achieve the desired taste/colour etc?
- anonymous, 29th Dec '11
Not a peathead myself, usually go for a Speyside. But this is a good wee dram, similar to the Caol Isla my brother is trying to ween me on to
- Paul, 1st Dec '11
"Nose": Slight peat, a wee smoke and grass clippings. Wet cedar bushes. Maritime. Do I see a clipper on the horizon? "Palate": A light bodied scotch serving up smooth tastes of angel hair weight peat, light malt and the gentlest of mint and phenolic compounds. Lightly smoked kippers. Do I detect sherry? Yes. Very restrained. "Finish": Ginger, camphor enveloped in mild corona cigar smoke. Becomes a tad medicinal upon repeated sips.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 4th Nov '11
Erik: It's an Ankh. From the Jura website - "This ancient symbol dates back to Egyptian times and is long rumoured to bring good fortune. Just so long as you pour the whisky in the correct manner, by holding the bottle with the Ankh cross in the centre of your palm."
- TWE Admin, 19th Sep '11
got a bottle yesterday. just the right amount of peat. an the price was good too.
- stewie ramone, 18th Sep '11
Tell me about the sign on the bottle - What is it ??
- Erik Simonsen [email protected], 16th Sep '11
I am normally an American Whiskey fan. I don`t usually go and buy single malt , but this was worth it.
- anonymous, 19th Jun '11
Like a box of "Raisin Bran," cardboard box included. One of the most unique single malts I have tasted. Not my favorite, but such an individual, it holds a place in my heart (and occasionally, on my shelf.)
- Ricky P., 20th May '11
This was my first encounter with an isle dram and is nowdays a placeholder on my top shelf. Very good!
- anonymous, 29th Apr '11
This IS THE ONE ! WOW ! Incredibly smooth! My No 1 whisky from now on!
- anonymous, 26th Mar '11
My first encounter with this as a christmas present. I think its really great and the 43 does the business!
- anonymous, 17th Jan '11
This is indeed more of a vatted malt...not that I would know by tasting it, just by reading about it. The whisky itself is great, it elevates the level of the Jura whisky's a lot, more depth.A lovely mix of honey, some walnut a hint of smoke and some marsipan.I can't help but wonder what this product would do at 46 or maybe even 50%
- Ruben, 1st Dec '10
This should be classed as a vatted or blended malt. This is no way a single malt whatsoever..However it is lovely though and for the price too good to be missed..
- Brian, 8th Oct '10
must say i was surprised with this one! very nice, somewhat sweet and lots of smoke.
- anonymous, 24th May '10
Most unusal to the point of being unique I'd say. That doesn't make it excellent, but it's not bad either. It's kind of sweet and peaty.
- DavidUK, 14th Apr '10
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