Bushmills Original

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Bushmills Original
70cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
Grain whiskey reserved for Bushmills Original is slowly matured for a minimum of five years in American oak casks before blending with Irish Single Malt whiskey to produce this original blend.
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Customer rating (33 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(33 reviews)
The greatest whiskey in the world.
- anonymous, 8th September
Far better than Jameson.
- anonymous, 1st September
A very friendly whiskey, with a good, clean taste, and well-deserving of its good reputation. Nothing special, but good, honest whiskey.
- AGW, 6th June
Very nice, I found this a little more interesting than Jameson, it has a nice honey taste to it with a some green fruits and vinilla. Yes there are better blends out there but that doesn't mean this shouldn't be tried, if you like Irish whiskey give it go there's a good chance you'll like it.
- Paddy, Edinburgh, 20th January
It's a lovely sipping drink, that fills you with the Irish warmth of your ancestory!
- anonymous, 23rd Dec '13
I notice that all the bushmills whiskies are getting better and better; and that goes for the 10 yo malt and this white bush especially, in my humble opinion. My theory is that the blend is improving because of the malts in it improving, and cask selection etc getting right up there!
- anonymous, 17th Dec '13
Goes well with rum and raisin ice cream.
- Rob, Harrogate, 27th Oct '13
A decent value blend and ideal for everyday sipping. I find the sweetness well balanced with a bit of spice and vanilla. It has grown on me and at this price it's the kind of drink you are happy to share with friends who wouldn't appreciate the finer bottles in your collection!
- The Colonel, 24th Mar '13
Compared to Jameson, Bushmills is less spicy and less sweet. The latter is something I certainly prefer in a whiskey. Whereas Jameson has gotten more notes of unripe green fruits, Bushmills is a 'warmer' whiskey with more 'woody' influences (but it certainly does not taste like wood like some Bourbons of very old malts do). In all an excellent blend which has a permanent place on my cupboard shelves.
- Juergen - Netherlands, 24th Dec '12
This is a good one! I have tasted hundreds of scottish and japanese blends and single malts, but only a few irish whiskeys. Bushmills original is a very well crafted blended whiskey with pleasant fruity vanilla character and surprisingly long finish. On the other hand the complexity is reduced by strong vanilla and toffee influence.
- Mikko, 1st Dec '12
Delicious, fruity, understated. Reminds me of recent Black Bottle, a lighter touch, but still packing a punch. At the price, an excellent quality whiskey.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 5th Jul '12
This is a quality whiskey. Compared to Jameson, it's less spicy/hot in the back of your throat. Makes for a great sipping whiskey. I've also found that this works extremely well when mixed with Coca Cola. Bushmills Original is a decent, cheap and classy Irish. What more can you really ask for?
- anonymous, 24th Mar '12
I love Bushmills. I have tried their entire range and even own a nice little bottle of their Millenium Malt, waiting for that special day when it's opened... But I have to say, their original is easily the least favorite whiskey I've ever had. It tastes too 'spirity' to me. In the same price range, I'd go for the Jameson I'm afraid.
- MK, 11th Feb '12
really charming, substantial but simple (in a good way), fun, fruity, spicy and boisterous yet controlled, almost dry, tannic and low-key, as someone noted here...In short: a consistently worthwhile irish blended whiskey. A consistently worthwhile whiskey, period.
- anonymous, 12th Jan '12
At the heart of this whiskey lies Bushmill's famous pure malt whiskey, this whiskey is blended with a lighter Irish grain whiskey made at Midleton. To me this whiskey possesses a certain low-key, 'less is more' charm. Tastewise, Bushmills offers a nice honeyish, crispy malt taste but it's certainly not a heavy whiskey. This is easy-going stuff but neither bland nor boring. Since I'm more into lighter whiskeys, I like this one a lot.
- Juergen /Netherlands, 18th Dec '11
Very clean, dry on the palate, has an almost disinfectant smell about it.But don't let that put you off. Bleach is 20 times cheaper, but not half as nice!
- anonymous, 11th Sep '11
It?s nicely pleasant to the point of being banal, and struggles to find definition on the palate. It?s warming and spicy in the finish with no unpleasant lingering aftertaste. The overall result is a dangerously drinkable if somewhat forgettable whiskey.
- Craig at Rum, 23rd Aug '11
when feeling rich go for the 10 yr old, when feeling like a lottery winner try the 21 yr old, but for the rest of us the Original is a lovely, lovely drink. Highly recommend.
- anonymous, 13th Jul '11
A very good whiskey to enjoy when you don't want to be drinking £50 bottles. I prefer the 10 yr Malt as my regular Whiskey which is slightly more but worth it. Black Bush is also much better. But this is still a really nice drop that is better than most other blends. Buchmills wins at every price level for me when it comes to Irish Whiskey.
- anonymous, 9th Feb '11
tis okay, but i do prefer the blackbush.
- anonymous, 19th Jan '11
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