Bushmills 10 Year Old

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Bushmills 10 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Irish Single Malt Whiskey
The benchmark Irish single malt, this has a far greater depth of flavour than standard Irish blends. A previous winner of the 'Best Irish Single Malt Whiskey in the World' at the World Whiskies Awards.

World Whiskies Awards 2014: Best Irish Single Malt 12yo and Under
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Customer rating (38 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(38 reviews)
Bushmills is always a great whiskey and this is a great whiskey
- anonymous, 22nd June
A decent dram, very round and floral but perhaps lacking in complexity (some would argue that this is perhaps sur to the triple distillation, which takes away some of the heavier components). More of a summer's drink, I would argue, while heavier, peatier stuff is more suited to the winter.
- Almevel, 22nd June
Thought I would upgrade to bushmills 10 after having tallymore dew. I was very dissapointment with the bushmills 10. The original is far more flavoursome, to me it's tastes no more great than a abalour 10. But non the less its still worth a try.
- Kevsta, 18th Jul '13
I wouldn't call it (Best Irish Single Malt Whiskey in the World. It got quite nice smell..but bitter after taste just ruined everything!Jameson is much better and good value for money!
- Szarik, 3rd May '13
A bit too fruity, perhaps it would be better if aged for longer. Bushmills Original is the best.
- Mark, 24th Apr '13
A good quality Irish single malt and well worth a try. Exceptionally smooth and rounded.
- The Colonel, 20th Apr '13
I have tasted your single malt Irish whisky first time I may add, & I find it smooth flavorable, & very enjoyable, & really can't wait to have another bottle. Quite an experience, love it. Ron
- Ron Moore, 9th Jan '13
Try the 21 year old bushmills it's pure heaven
- anonymous, 18th Nov '12
First came into contact with this whiskey during the anniversary a few years back. As a single malt Irish... I have no complaints. There was a smoother taste and oakier (its a word, trust me...) than any of the aged Jameson's that I have tried.
- Kin, 15th Aug '12
A very pleasent taste experience,not too overpowering with a smooth finish.Some so called whiskey drinker friends of mine could not believe how smooth it was!!!And at a realistic price!!!!
- mike ryan, 24th Jun '12
Too much wood influence in this one. Not one I'd buy again.
- anonymous, 4th Mar '12
Drank a full bottle on Christmas day and ended up talking to some bushes on my way home in the early hours. Waste of a bottle really which is why i'm about to buy another one. I have a sweet tooth so this bottle is perfect for me.
- Saint Nick, 31st Jan '12
The ten year old is very good, but you really want to try the 12yearold, unfortunately you can only buy at the distillery. Which is an excellent tour
- John Davison , 1st Jan '12
any vodka drinker want to drink the irish equivalent? go right ahead and buy it light,crisp,fresh,smooth but not a whole lot else other than sweet.
- bobby, 21st Oct '11
Not a fan of Bushmills, too sweet or my buds
- DavE, 16th Jul '11
I agree with Gregg, this one lacks complexity. Still, there is a nice, smooth fruity palate and lovely nose.
- Mikko, 18th Feb '11
For a single malt I found it okay but not excellent. It has a very nice floral sweet nose much like Glenmorangie but not much complexity on the palate. Good introduction for single malt drinkers at a modest price.
- Gregg, 14th Feb '11
This is an excellent single malt and is the one that I prefer to drink on a regular basis. I have bottles of Original, 16 year old, 1608 and I have had Black Bush but not at the moment. Both 16yr and 1608 are very fine whiskey's with a more complicated flavour, but this comes at a £50 price tag.
- M. Pet, 9th Feb '11
Xmas present and superb - nearly all gone down the hatch due to these cold nights. Will seek some more at the weekend.
- Jon M, 13th Jan '11
In all honesty Bushmills is one of the best whiskeys I have ever tasted! having tried all of their range even the 21 years old single malt, this one is an extremely fine Irish whiskey, i think the BOURBON seasoned barrels give it something special.
- bassitio, 1st Dec '10
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