Bushmills 16 Year Old / Three Wood

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Bushmills 16 Year Old / Three Wood
70cl / 40%
Irish Single Malt Whiskey
Matured in three different types of cask, each of which contributes extra nuances to what is destined to become a classic Irish malt. Perfect as an after-dinner dram.
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Customer Reviews:(25 reviews)
One of the best. A dash of water and she opens up beautifully.
- Premal, 17th May
This is my favourite whiskey, I tried Midleton Barry Crockett and although it's nice, for me at least, the 16 year old Bushmills is still number 1. An amazingly good product, so smooth and so full of flavour, dangerously easy to drink straight. We'll done Bushmills! Tony Brazao
- anonymous, 2nd Dec '13
The 16 is the only one of the lot to have the strongest Georgia Peach note to me, the whitebush and blackbush have a wee bit but not as much, lots of vanilla, grassy a wee bit, lemon, honey. Love it. The 1608 is more raisiny, fruity (dried fruits especially), black tea, more eclectic and suitable for colder months. They are both in my top 10.
- Whisky Beaver, 9th Oct '13
Absolutely superlative!!!!!
- Karan, 28th Aug '12
Enjoyed our first bottle recently on a fishing trip to France, no fish but a wonderful full bodied flavour with out fault.So smooth and more ish .
- Major.brand, 29th Jul '12
Gorgeous. So smooth and delicious. 10yr old has more earthy notes but that doesn't mean fuller flavour. This one has a subtlety and richness that just isn't there in the 10yr old (which is pretty fantastic, as well). Dangerously good whiskey.
- Lips, 12th Jun '12
I would say that 10 y.o. taste better..This one hide his depth, It feels like can't show the full character
- Fel, 5th Apr '12
So smooth and rich. My favorite was the green label 'till I tried this. Wonderful!
- Lord Randolph, 28th Jan '12
finger licking good, no that i drink with my fingers.
- waterloo, 2nd Jan '12
This a very very fine whiskey, there is a massive depth of flavour that has a long tastefull finish,will not disappoint. Gerard, Co Cavan
- anonymous, 9th Jul '11
Beautiful honey-looking body. Great nose - caramel,black sugar
- cii, 15th May '11
celebration for the senses :) cheers
- beto, 7th May '11
First time I've tried this - a gift from my son - wow - so good I am savouring it and loving the warmth left behind, I'll be looking for this in the future.
- - Jo, Sunshine Coast, Australia, 3rd May 2011, 3rd May '11
Wonderful,wonderful whiskey! I bought a bottle as a birthday gift for my father when he turned 50, and it has much more to offer than my own Bushmills 10. 6 more years and an extra cask really makes a difference :)
- anonymous, 8th Jun '10
I have over 30 quality simgle malts at home, This one is my favorate by miles, so smooth. Try it next time you get chance.
- Jonesylad, 20th Apr '10
One of the most flavorful whiskies I've ever tasted as well. Love the orchard fruit aroma and massive plum finish. There is such parity of high-level quality amongst Irish Whiskey these days, but even so Bushmills 16 is unique.
- anonymous, 13th Oct '09
I work for the Bushmills Inn. We own our very own cask of 25 year old malt but depending on taste, either 16 y.o or 21 is the best. Also we are the only place in the world that is licensed to sell 12 y.o crytsl malt.
- Jayde Mc Lean, 2nd Sep '09
Bushmills black Bush is just as good but it is still a nice whisky
- Willie, 17th Aug '09
this is up there with the best ,taste ,smoothness,a must buy for anyone who likes irish malt whiskey
- flashphil, 9th Aug '09
Much prefer the 10 year old. Not sure if the 16 justifies the extra £20.
- Finnegan, 5th Aug '09
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