Clontarf Single Malt

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Clontarf Single Malt
70cl / 40%
Irish Single Malt Whiskey
A charcoal-mellowed single malt from a mystery Irish distillery, this is a very popular dram due to its smoothness and light, mellow palate.
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More Details:
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Jim Murray
Nose: Sharp, grassy maltiness and a touch salty. Full of character.

Taste: Ultra malty start, rich textured and mouthwateringly in the Clontarf style.

Finish: Varying shades of malt, then a late oaky complexity.

Comments: A deceptively distinguished malt that offers more complexity than first meets the eye.
Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
I bought this fine single malt because of the price and the fact it came recommended. I was going to use it for mixing with ginger ale. After sampling it, I have decided it is now my Irish Whiskey for sipping as well. Luckily, there is a source where I live who currently have a nice supply so I will purchase as much as I can and be happy for a long time!! Joe W. March 18th, 2012
- Joe Williamson, 18th Mar '12
At first sniff, it smells sweet. This is before the first taste which is like liquid liquorice. At second taste, I get chocolate. Not at all harsh, no burn but a smooth caramel sweetness that makes you smile with pleasure as it slips down. Be selfish with this single malt, be very selfish indeed.
- Elaine, 19th Oct '11
Very good taste for the price, go buy it now
- Alex in Mtl, 5th Sep '11
I can find nothing wrong with the single malt except it isn't available ANYWHERE in the US. I even called the distributor who told me it is no longer being imported. Total bummer!
- Rick in Vermont, 25th May '11
A bit too easy on the palate; the bottle hasn't lasted very long at all. I write this review as I order my next bottle.
- Adam, 14th Feb '11
I tried a bottle of Clontarf with high expectations, but was disappointed. It is smooth and, a touch creamy and there is a little smoke, but it seems unbalanced. The various elements of flavor clash and disappear quickly with virtually no finish.
- Danny Hughes, 20th Jan '11
the best single malt I ever tasted
- anonymous, 31st Aug '10
Absolutely superb. Smooth and delicious
- David Brown, 22nd Jul '10
Very smooth indeed! I believe this dram has been neglected for a very long time and is underappreciated. I enjoyed it thouroughly!
- Mark (, 12th Nov '09
very smooth, malty whiskey. the vanilla is an obvious taste but isnt overpowering. goes down very well
- Alan, 28th Oct '08
one of the best single malts i've ever tasted, slightly vanilla taste from the bourbon barrels, love it. brian lumley, essex england
- anonymous, 8th Feb '08
I like this Clontarf Single Malt Whiskey. Where can I buy it in Toronto, Canada? Yours,Moshe
- Moshe Ginz, 21st Jan '08
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