Jameson Crested Ten

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Jameson Crested Ten
70cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
Older aged Jameson with a high measure of pure potstill in the mix, a fair proportion of which has been sherry-casked to add a spicy sweetness to the party. A little-known minor classic of the genre.
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Customer rating (14 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(14 reviews)
Bought this for my father as a change from Jamesons and he absolutely loved it!
- anonymous, 22nd June
Might be good in coffee.
- anonymous, 8th May
I LOVED tis Irish wiskey when I went to Ireland 17 years ago. I would love to have another taste of this fine wiskey.
- anonymous, 19th Jan '13
Wow! The Sherry notes are wonderful, vanilla and a touch of sweet Smooth and easy, neat or on the rocks. Now I wish I would have ordered two.
- USACelt , 5th Apr '12
It's my favorite by far, but living in the states limits how often you can enjoy it. I have a bottle in my closet which I'm saving for a special occasion. My dilemma is do I share it with friends or enjoy it by myself.
- Tony Matz, 15th Dec '11
Crested Ten is by far my favorite whiskey, but they don't export it to the USA as a result I have to depend on my/friends bringing it back from Ireland.
- anonymous, 1st Jan '11
Even though its not available in the US i'm enjoying a glass right now. My favorite of the Jamieson family.
- Kenny, 1st Jan '11
This is, for some reason, my favourite of all the Jamieson range. I always much preferred the Bushmills range (except for the original) over Jamiesons but I will happily drink this any day.
- anonymous, 4th Nov '10
Hi Mary - it does come in its own presentation box as per the pic - if you want something a bit more special to put it in, specialist wine shops often have wooden presentation boxes for sale.
- TWE Admin, 13th Jul '10
my husband is a big fan....can i get it in a presentation box for 30th birthday??
- Mary, 12th Jul '10
Converted me from a "don't mind whiskey but don't really like it", into a lover! Lovely and smooth :-)
- Tom, 10th Jan '10
1st choice for making gaelic coffee
- David Robson, 27th Dec '09
Love Crested Ten. Not available in the States; thanks to the Exchange I can enjoy it more often.
- Tim (USA), 23rd Nov '09
i think this the best whiskey ive ever tasted
- anonymous, 11th Feb '08
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