Balvenie 15 Year Old / Single Barrel

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Balvenie 15 Year Old / Single Barrel
70cl / 47.8%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A more complex proposition here, the higher alcohol content giving the malt a bit of extra muscle, although the rich, fruity distillery character is still very evident. A thinker's dram which picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010.

World Whiskies Awards
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Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
AMH (funnily enough, it's MAH from Espoo talking), your observation is correct, this and the single barrel 15 are best enjoyed with a teaspoon or a few of water to open them up. Great Balvenies both, surpassing IMO the doublewood and rum cask offerings that are a bit watery and light straight out of the bottle.
- M. Helminen, 13th June
The nose and taste here were excellent, however, not a traditional Balvenie with the 47,8% abv. which does not do this dram any favors. I'd add water to this, which I normally never do when enjoying a Balvenie.
- AMH, Espoo, Finland, 5th Nov '13
This is a great dram. The bottlings that are 18 years in the cask but sold as a 15 yr old scotch are really impressive. I just found one in Tampa, FL that was bottled in 2008 with a 2000 in cask date. The extra time in the cask makes this scotch even a better product. They are hard to find but worth the hunt!
- anonymous, 31st Dec '11
Wonderfully elegant Speysider. I particularly like this in the Fall (like my Highland Park).
- anonymous, 5th Jun '11
I treated myself to a bottle of this and after deliberating for a while in the shop (funds are tight at the moment) i have to say i'm so glad i bought it. The best whiskey i've tried so far, very rich, very smooth, so much flavour. A real beauty.
- Andy Mack, 30th Nov '10
Hints of vanilla and spice and its mellow warmth make this better than any Christmas cookie while sitting next to a fire. Find out what can really warm the soul, the palate and the spirit all at once...
- Scottie Richmond, 3rd Dec '09
An interesting dram. The Vanilla is sweet and lasts a good long time. The finish never seems to finish at all, which is quite nice. There's some oak and a lot of spice. The extra alcohol content gives it an extra kick as well. I'd advise you to get a bottle, pour, drink, savor
- Yossi Yitzak, 30th Dec '08
There's a man I know, that proclaimed that whiskey made him "shudder and grimace". This man was a wine and sometimes port drinker that was stuck in his ways and beliefs. He was subsequently given a bottle of The Balvenie for his 38th birthday. He is now cured.I'm sure it won't be another year 'til my next bottle.
- J Jones, 22nd Oct '08
Nose: Sweet Vanilla and some oak Taste: The sweetest of malts that just makes you want to sip more. Finish: Smooth and somewhat long. Bottle ages range from 15 to 18 years old. You will buy one bottle, open it, and buy another and save it.
- JB3, 26th Aug '08
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