Jameson 18 year Old

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Jameson 18 year Old
70cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
The superlative Jameson 18yo has long been considered one of the brightest stars of the range. This blend of two potstill whiskies and a single grain is matured in Oloroso sherry casks and finished in bourbon wood for 6 months for a brilliantly complex potstill character.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
Colour: Rich, Deep golden honey

Nose: Muted sherry notes, aromatic oils, touch of wood, spicy, toffee

Taste: Wonderfully mellow and smooth, complex flavours of fudge & toffee spice, hints of wood & leather, gentle sherry nuttiness and vanilla

Finish: Lingering, carrying notes of wood, spice & toffee to the very end.
Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
My friend got me into Jameson awhile back.....just got one of these for my B-day, can't wait to try it!!!
- Conrad, 13th Dec '13
I just brought some of this back from Dublin and had friends over to taste the 12 year, 18 year and Middleton Very Rare. The Jameson 18 year reserve was the favorite of the night. Smooth and subtle.
- anonymous, 18th Jun '12
Beautiful. Complex and multifaceted. If you like standard Jameson then you'll love this more sophisticated version. A classic.
- anonymous, 18th Apr '12
Starts with really fruity rectarine & tangerine flavours. After a while the wood tones really come through with a bit of a pot still punch. Exceptional whiskey. Will be going there again.
- Chuck & Damien , 11th Feb '12
By far the smoothest whiskey ever. Palatable for the most doubtful of connoisseurs and respected by Real connoisseurs. Truly the best whiskey ever.
- 7 pt 7 digits, 8th Dec '11
I bought a bottle to drink at an Irish wake in memory of a truly astonishing woman. I wanted something special and memorable and all those who drank it all agreed it was the best Irish whisky they had ever tasted and ranked in their top 5 whiskys of all time. Very smooth, great finish.
- Ari, 17th Sep '11
Aftertaste has some strange herb at back, lasts for a second or two but I found it impossible to name...Buy it if you can, it's amazing zomg
- anonymous, 31st Aug '11
I love it. Not as harsh as some whiskeys and a little sweet without being sickly. too easily drunk!
- anonymous, 29th Jan '11
Nose (undiluted): Subtle flower bouquet, lemongrass, malty and grandmother?s white bread just out of the oven. Palate (undiluted): Powerful. Sweet, mouth watering entry of dignified sherry in a malty embrace. Rich oak. There is exotic cherry like fruit. Pomegranate emerges and takes centre stage. Finish (undiluted): Dries a little leaving finest Chinese green tea, lemongrass and limes.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 28th Nov '10
I dont find the Jameson 15 Years Old Pure Pot Still... I have one, but i wann know some opinions before open mine. The reason is simple, s very expensive and I can not afford to have many of those ;)
- José Moreira, 22nd Nov '10
I am going to buy this for my Boyfriend for Christmas this year. I hope you guys are right about it and i hope that he likes it.
- Miranda, 18th Nov '10
I bought a bottle of this about 3-6 years ago and at the time I wasnt super impressed. To be honest I felt it had a little to much burn and not smooth enough, At the time I would much rather have a bottle of 12yo but in the years since I have really changed in tastes and I still love the standerd and 12yo and Also JW Black and Blue But I think its time I try this one again. I will update my opinion of this one soon as I finish the bottle.
- Jazz, 28th Dec '09
splendid whisky subtle taste
- anonymous, 27th Dec '09
Bought a bottle of this for when I move into my new house. Love this and the 12 yr old. So smooth, so sweet, lovely flavours.
- anonymous, 18th Dec '09
I was fortunate enough to sample this whiskey at the little corner bar in Bow Street, just before going on the tour. That sherry cask has worked its wonders on already delightfully smooth sprit, imbuing it with a gently glowing golden sweetness that oh-so-gently strokes the mouth and throat and illuminates the inner man with the diffused light of a thousand tiny lanterns. After tasting this in Bow Street I resolved to buy a bottle for Christmas - can't wait!
- John V. Wright, 2nd Nov '09
Elegant, refined, and delicate; a whiskey to be savored. At first, very light on the palate but with a depth that rewards with nuanced and complex flavore. As smooth a finish as you'll in a whiskey.
- James, 27th Oct '09
An absolutely sublime whiskey: elegant and subtle, smooth on the palate. This is a whiskey to be savored.
- James, 25th Oct '09
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