Jameson Gold Reserve

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Jameson Gold Reserve
70cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
Awesome blend with a high proportion of pure potstill - this is sumptuous. "If you don't enjoy this, then you just don't get what Irish whiskey is all about. 94 points" Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2008.
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Customer rating (16 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(16 reviews)
I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband. This is amber nectar, smooth and warm with amazing flavour! A little piece of heaven in a bottle!'
- Diane from Tavistock, 23rd June
Superb, far better than Special Reserve.
- Mark, 13th May '13
Well, this is amazing whiskey and my No.1! I now Marconi Reserve and this is also amazing, but Gold Reserve is better!
- Milan from Zagreb, 27th Jul '12
"Nose" (undiluted): Rich, fragrant molasses, almonds and wild flowers. "Palate" (undiluted): Initially buttery followed by a transition to a crisp, fresh body of crunchy peanut brittle, wild honey, English cream and oak. "Finish" (undiluted): Fairly long flavors of mint, Oolong Tea and malt remain. Excellent Irish whiskey!
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 12th Jun '11
received this as a Christmas gift from my brother-in-law...I enjoy American burbons - Makers, Woodford Reserve, but this is absolutely outstanding...Thanks Bro....!
- anonymous, 26th Mar '11
I have dabbled in Irish whiskey and visited Bow Street in Dublin to par take. Primarily a scotch drinker nothing has knocked my socks off until today. WOW, a beautiful soft sweet nose, a taste that reminds me of brown sugar, apples and malt. No burning, no alcohol taste, just smooth liquid silk. Swallow it there is nothing but gentle pleasure and a longing for more. I am utterly gob smacked by this stuff and will enjoy with regularity.
- Rick Taylor, Newfoundland Canada, 21st Dec '10
I became an "official taster " of Jameson in 2007 .. what a splendid whiskey.. the reserve is worth every pence ..
- Steve, 30th Jan '10
Love this. Avid jameson drinker recieved bottle of gold reserve for christmas from father in-law. thanks dad! Worth the money if you can find{which I cannot in lower alabama} was purchaced in atlanta.
- puckett, 16th Jan '10
Gobsmacked by the taste, been drinking Irish and singing its praises for so long I should own a distillary by now. A totally unexpected taste. Had I not known what it was, would never have recognised it as Irish. An incredible digestif. To mimmick the old Kerrygold butter slogan, please don't cook with this one!!
- John B, 26th Sep '09
I like this one a lot! bought one today in Arnhem, The Netherlands while buying some liquer for cocktail night, i like jameson a lot and didnt see this one till today, normally i go for the 12 year old which is nice as well but this one the best so far.
- Sven, Netherlands, 25th Jul '09
This is a smooth tasting whiskey. It does have a smokey after tast, and I think one should compare it with a single malt to really undestand the flavor. It is as complex in both smell and tast. There will be no disapointment.
- Robert W. Schuette, 29th May '09
Picked a bottle of this up at duty-free because it looked exclusive, but was in a reasonable price range. Certainly extremely smooth neat, and the afterburn is actually the most refined I've experienced in the Jameson section, and I'm only missing the Midleton Very Rare to compare it with. The bottle was indeed a delight; a hip flask of this stuff will not last you long on the ski slpoes...serve chilled!
- John C, 25th Mar '09
This whiskey is so smooth and luxurios, I'm Irish but didn't start drinking whisk(e)y until I came to England. I was a scotch drinker until I taste this.
- Donncha Burke-Hayes, 15th Feb '09
Like drinking liquid silk.
- anonymous, 3rd Jan '09
This is quite simply the finest alcoholic drink in the entire universe, not even a Pan Galactic Gargleblaster comes close.
- Sean ODonnell, 8th Dec '08
The Very Best that I've enjoyed and the smoothest, It goes down before the aroma takes my head off...... Hic Hic
- Mike from Newark Notts, 1st Nov '08
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