Jameson / Bar Bottle

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Jameson / Bar Bottle
450cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
A mammoth gallon bottle of Jameson, the world's biggest Irish whiskey brand. One of Jim Murray's favourites, with 95 points in the Whisky Bible 2013.
Whisky Bible 2013: 95 Points
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Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
@anonymous: It doesn't come with a stand.
- TWE Admin, 9th Jul '13
Does this come with the metal stand?
- anonymous, 8th Jul '13
I. must. have. this.
- Tn1g, 12th Apr '12
That's the Irish for you is right! Those genius' just gone and done it again. Push the barrier in ingenuity and put the label upside down so it can be hung from a proud mans wall!!
- Sean , 24th Jan '12
been slammin this good stuff for over 30 years now and don't plan to quit
- The Big Sneeze, 30th Dec '11
Wonderful, just wonderful
- Pam Lytle, 4th Aug '10
its upside down because it is designed for a tapper.
- anonymous, 24th May '10
Re: Re: upside down, I wouldn't want to be pouring out of a gallon bottle! Definitely to be hung.
- Johnnie W., 3rd Apr '10
Re:Upside Down.That's the Irish for you!Though another school of thought is that it is designed to hang with an optic - bar style.
- P, 7th Feb '10
Why is the label upside down?
- guyedawson, 8th Jan '10
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