Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey

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Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey
70cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
The best-selling whiskey in the Republic of Ireland, Power's has a spicy potstill character and is aged between 5 and 6 years in Bourbon casks.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Simon Difford for Class Magazine

Clear, deep golden with bright gold tints.

Cereal with honey drizzle, light maltyness and crushed mint leaves with tobacco and mild spice.

Light and easy, sweet toffee and caramel cereal with character adding bursts of fruity malt, light spice and a rounding buttery note.

Long, spicy finish with caramel and toffee spice.

Diffordsguide Rating - 4.5/5

Customer Reviews:(30 reviews)
I first tried Powers several years ago, when a new Irish pub opened in town, mainly because that is my last name! And I love a good whiskey... I discovered it's very smooth, and when enjoyed on the rocks, a certain sweetness is brought out as the ice melts. Delicious! Luckily, our local liquor stores are carrying it, so I can enjoy it at home as well.
- Durango whiskey lover, 20th Dec '13
To the person who said it was bland, your tastebuds have obviously been ruined by once distilled rough bourbon. This is the best whiskey I have ever tasted, it far outstrips ANY Scots single malt and I would go to Dublin again just to get a bottle straight form he distillary. But I don't have to now I've found TWE.
- anonymous, 21st Nov '13
It's name is very appropriate: powerful scent, powerful body, powerful taste and powerful finish. Also, I like the sweet and sour thing going on. This in my opinion is one of the best irish blends on the market, but yes - far too difficult to find!
- anonymous, 21st Aug '13
Where on God's Earth can you get it? 20 years ago it wasn't a problem.
- timcashman, 22nd Feb '13
This is much like Jameson but with a higher content of pure pot still whiskey. It also has a certain grainy bread-like quality to it but it's less spicy than Jameson. This is one of the very best of Irish Whiskeys on the market but sadly hard to find outside of Ireland but that's where TWE comes in :-)
- Juergen - Netherlands, 17th Jan '13
I had a glass of powers in a fantastic pub in Liverpool Town centre called "the Beehive."(One of the best pubs I've ever been in. Marvellous service & atmosphere. Highly recommended. Landlord was brill.) The Powers whisky was just"the best" I've tasted.
- Doug Wesley. (Coventry.), 22nd May '12
Sorry to spoil the Powers Party, but I bought a bottle of this stuff in the USA last week, and I think that although it is very smooth going down, it is also very bland..or should I say boring. I quafed two drams of the stuff, and concluded that the lower priced Jim Beam and Evan Williams are more exciting a drink. Perhaps Powers slipped one over on us Yanks and we were sent that which they new the Irish wouldn't tolerate..weak whiskey
- Patrick Collen, 26th Mar '12
Like Paddy's, Powers is essentially made for the domestic Irish market, this is the reason why it it so hard to find it outside of Ireland. Of the three classic brands made at Midleton distillery (Jameson, Paddy and Powers), only Jameson is made for the export market as well.
- Powers , 4th Mar '12
Absolutely delicious. I agree with those complaining about its availability abroad though :(
- anonymous, 29th Jan '12
Smooth, clear and deep, I can't believe I've managed to avoid this so far
- P. van der Zwan, 28th Jan '11
they tend not to sell this anywhere but ireland. just flew back from there yesterday... fantastic whiskey, easy to drink, beautiful on the pallet. ironically irelands everyday whiskey!...ah to live in ireland again... BUY THIS WHISKEY!
- anonymous, 23rd Jan '11
How is this whiskey compaired to a bottle of Jameson 12 Special Reserve (where the pot still content is fairly high/ easy reconizable)or a bottle of Green Spot (100% pot still)?I have both bottles in my cabinet and I would like to know if Powers is worth checking out :) -There's always a reason for checking out a bottle of Irish whiskey, but still!
- anonymous, 13th Jan '11
One of my favourites, but hard to get! Happy memories...andd it's the least paint-stripper like whiskey you'll ever taste.
- Black Bess, 11th Dec '10
The best.
- karen, 2nd Dec '10
Started drinking this when I started to fish Lough Corrib...Pint of guiness and a powers what a drink to finish a hard days fishing...only one pub I've seen selling it in Edinburgh...and no supermarket or off-license sells it that I can find.
- anonymous, 19th Nov '10
this is in my opinion the best wiskey on the market,what a shame they dont sellit in my supermarket in plymouth devon.
- michael walsh, 12th Nov '10
I experienced Powers over 25 yrs ago in N Ireland. It is the smoothest whiskey I have ever tasted. Thank goodness I discovered the Whisky Exchange, saves waiting for Duty Free visits abroad. Sometimes it is just called 'Three Swallows.' What memories!!!
- Lucille, 4th Nov '10
I manage a pub in Surrey and this is rated the smoothest whiskey ever tasted by many customers, sadly it is sooo difficult to buy in this country
- Pat Sollis, 5th Oct '10
fantasic whisky, brought for partner, swears it is the best, have been unable to get in our region. ordered from the whisky exchange, A first class service.
- Sharon Murphy, 11th Jul '10
this is the best whiskey that i have had in a long time.
- travis tellez u.s.n, 18th May '10
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