Powers Gold Label 12 Year Old / Special Reserve

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Powers Gold Label 12 Year Old / Special Reserve
70cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
Powers 12 year old Reserve is a very special premium edition of Powers Gold Label, Ireland’s favourite whiskey. This reserve is chosen from specially selected whiskeys, aged from 12 to 24 years and is matured in American oak barrels. Powers 12 has that Irish characteristic strong pot still presence, which accounts for its rich full flavoured and spicy character.
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Customer rating (14 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(14 reviews)
My son visited Ireland back in February. He brought back a bottle of this fine whiskey for me. I have tried several whiskeys and I have to say that this is by far the best I've tasted!
- anonymous, 11th August
Not quite the Redbreast 12 yr old but an amazing whiskey none the less
- Pat Burke, 10th Aug '11
This one was a really pleasant surprise. Very smooth but with good body and flavor. Redbreast is still my favorite but Powers 12 year old comes in a very close second. Great for the price!
- MLG, 16th Jul '11
This is a great whiskey, fact.
- Gerard, 2nd Jun '11
This is a middle of the road expression. Not a bad whiskey, but not great either. I would much rather have a bottle of Black Bush for less.
- anonymous, 7th May '11
Shhhhhh! All of you! If you keep fawning like this, everyone will buy it!!
- ;P, 1st Apr '11
As a long term Jameson fan, friends were always telling me to try Powers, didn't really like the bog standard version, but recently gave this a go, and it's my default whiskey now.
- Mike Dublin, 8th Jan '11
I love the regular expression, but the 12 is even much better. What I like about the regular Powers is, while smooth, it lets you know you are drinking whiskey. The 12 is just ever so refined.
- anonymous, 30th Sep '10
Without a doubt, one of the finest whiskeys that have ever passed my lips !It still retains the characteristic spiciness of its younger brother, but this 12 year old special reserve take it to a whole new level. Absolutely divine !
- John Corcoran, 1st Jun '10
Don't dillute this one.... it does it no justice. I've had it on the rocks, and served neat... Room temperature is the way to drink it! Best bang for your buck Irish out there! Hard to find in the US
- Andrew, 1st Mar '10
With out a doubt one of the finest Irish whiskeys. Erin Go Bragh!
- Howard.........., 30th Nov '09
Best and most elegant tasting whiskey I have ever experienced. Smooth, light, an ethereal mouth feel with currents of delicate apple, and a wild blackberry backdrop. Absolutely divine!
- anonymous, 18th Oct '08
Agreed. AMAZING WHISKEY - and I've tried a lot of them.
- anonymous, 17th Oct '08
Definetly the best whiskey I have ever tasted. Not always available and sometimes difficult to find on the shelf in the UK. Its already on my Christmas list!
- Michael Pryall, 27th Sep '07
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