Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old

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Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old
70cl / 43%
Japanese Single Malt Whisky
A wonderful example of what Japanese whisky is capable of. We absolutely love this. Extremely smooth, with great complexity and a lovely balance of fruit, silky malt and a touch of smoke.
San Francisco WSC - Best in Show - Double Gold Medal Winner
Web Exclusive Price
(£123.33 ex. VAT)
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Yamazaki 18yo is the multi award winning whisky. It is proudly awarded SWSC Double Gold Medal in 2005, IWSC Trophy in 2006 and ISC Gold in 2007.

The richness of sherry and raisins fill the nose then its dark rich maraschino cherries and finally coffee cream chocolate appear. Full body malt.

Tasting Notes from Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)
This one was matured in sherry casks. The nose is very woody, in a nice way, with some varnish, turpentine. A beautiful balance. Some very soft tannins… Extremely oaky but masterfully crafted. The mouth is superbly balanced, with lots of orange juice and spices. Creamy yet nervous, with all sorts of fruit syrups and jams. Besides, the finish is very long. I loved this one: 90 points.
Customer Reviews: (26 reviews)
I am writing in August 2013. The price from TWE is currently the same as the price I have paid for the Yamazaki 18 at both Tokyo and Fukuoka airports' duty shops in the last 3 months. Might be worth buying here while stocks last.
- JH, 21st Aug '13
I've had many single malts and this one is my favorite. Tilt the glass and appreciate the viscous character. Smell it and pick up it's beautiful bouquet of coffee, toffe, caramel,cinnamon, clove, and oak. Taste it and ahhhh. And exquisite work of art!
- anonymous, 7th Jun '13
Depends on the day of the week but this is easily one of my all time favourites. My last drink on earth would most likely be Yamazaki 18. Unfortunately due to the price hike it's special occasions only but it's too good to pass up. Sweet, slightly fuity and slightly smokey. Every mouthful and you're detecting new elements. It's just brilliant. Miss it at your peril.
- Jim C, 10th Nov '12
Wonderful sherry malt by Yamazaki; very difficult to come across nowadays. Best 18 yrs single malt in the world! Highly recommended. Buy it if you still can find it now!
- Henry, Singapore, 25th Oct '12
Fantastico whisky!!!
- Paolo, Alghero, Italy, 15th Oct '12
Creme de la Creme!
- Francoise, Paris, 9th Oct '12
Best Japanese whisky ever! Beautiful sherry malt :-)
- Maltfan, Taiwan, 5th Oct '12
Unfortunately, due to a very limited supply in the UK, it costs more to source this product. With a higher cost price, comes a higher retail price.
- TWE Admin, 10th Apr '12
Regarding the price, it is possibly due to strong yen. Yen/Pound has doubled compared to 5 years ago.
- anonymous, 9th Apr '12
I'm also quite stunned by the recent price hike, unclear to me what the reason is. Also, it seems it's not available at all in France at the moment... A shame given how admirable a whisky this is!
- Mat, 13th May '11
This was priced at around ?68 (I picked up a bottle in Duty free for around ?48) but now up to ?105. Its a lovely whisky, one of my favorites, and may well still be worth it at the revised price. Especially if you like a sherried, complex whisky with a lot of dried fruit tones (raisins?) going on.That's one hell of a price hike though - any reason why?
- Ant, 12th May '11
brilliant for a 18yr old whisky...absolute majic!!,
- saha, 25th Mar '11
A little bit special....the only problem is that if you have this bottle in the house, along side some other 'excellent' whiskys- i've got a feeling you'll give in and always opt for a nip of this. Exceptional.
- anonymous, 7th Mar '11
Forgive me, for I posted before. Just wanted to add that rinking this side-by-side with other whiskeys has only led me to love this whiskey even more than before. It is...drinking....creme brulee. Don't like creme brulee? Well you should! Working hard? You deserve a bottle of this. I will buy another bottle of this before this one runs out. It is just that good.
- Dacoz, 31st Jan '11
Love the Yamazaki 10 and 12. Received the 18 for my birthday recently. A superlative whiskey which is worth the high price of entry. This will be my 'special occasion' bottle. Hey, weekends are special occasions, aren't they? Just kidding. I mean real special occasions. This stuff is delicious, but rather pricey.
- Dacoz, 26th Nov '10
- anonymous, 19th Oct '10
I normally take a liking to peated cask strength whisky, and thought I'd try something different by buying this one. Adding to all the praise here, this is a monumental whisky, with excellent nose and palate. It is the kind which sets the standard for other whiskys. In one word: SUPERB!
- spyr, 16th Oct '10
Just adding to all the praises above, this is an excellent whiskey, subtle, yet full of flavor, with an amazing palette! A very distinct taste with amazing scents!
- spyr, 1st Oct '10
I tried the Yamazaki 18 last night for the first time. Came via wife from Japan through the air. Coincidentally it is a light, almost sweet tasting whiskey that reminds me of many of the Highland Scotches I've tasted over the years. Lacking the peaty quality (I love them, but don't always want the dark peaty taste) of the Islays, it to me is a sensory journey in every sip. Worth every Yen!
- S. McRae, Bethlehem, NH, 14th Sep '10
Upon sipping this whiskey, one is impressed by the weight and viscosity, which opens upon the palate with waves of warm baklava dripping in syrup, honey and pistachios. You will taste marzipan and Turkish Delight. Dried Moroccan dates and other dark fruit. There are sweet spices at play with broken cinnamon sticks. All of this caught up in a cloud of smoke.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 21st Aug '10
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