Suntory Yamazaki 10 Year Old

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Suntory Yamazaki 10 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Japanese Single Malt Whisky
An introductory malt from Yamazaki, Japan's oldest distillery (founded in 1923). This is mild-mannered, clean, sweet malt, charming and very accessible - Speyside fans looking to try a Japanese malt should start here.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
Distilled and bottled in Yamazaki distillery, which is the oldest distillery in Japan. The palate is sweet and creamy with the gentle influence of white oak and the freshness of green apple. Gentle sipping dram.
Tasting Notes by Dr Whisky

Cherry pie, sugar powder necklaces, children's Tylenol, paint/emollient oils. Some spice. Synthetic fruit flavours and creamy vanilla, Italian fruit-and-cream hard candies.

Soft oak, vanilla, pleasant oily mouthfeel. Cinnamon. Oil flavours develop, but now nuts and sesame oil (not the toasted Chinese kind).


Lively and appetising on the nose, really wakes you up... and that is not only because it is morning. Sensuous mouth feel with rounded edges, and bit of spice. Not a lot of development, but pleasant the whole way along.

Customer Reviews:(18 reviews)
Was given a complimentary bottle while on a ski trip in Niseko. The better local restaurants serve it as a "highball". With soda, very excellent.
- anonymous, 30th Dec '12
Very appealing, i really enjoyed all aspects of this.. I will be back for more........ Highly recommend it.....
- Stephen McGiff, 21st Nov '12
This is superb...refined like the Hibiki's but with more cedar wood, fresh ginger, nutmegs and citrus...elegant and spicy, clean and crisp with a long dry finish.. the perfect summer Whisky
- anonymous, 28th May '12
Definitely worth the try, but not the best bargain. A tad aggressive, flavorful but very subtle. Not recommended for those in favor of peat and smoke. For those interested in something fruity and exotic - and willing to shell in a few extra bucks for just that reason - a great choice. I don it a B on a scale of 1 to great.
- Sander, 25th Aug '11
my girlfriend got me a bottle of this. very nice. looking forward to trying more japanese whiskey.
- anonymous, 25th May '11
the new presentation box is not very nice!!!, but the taste is still the same!
- anonymous, 18th Dec '10
Well it's OK. Not a fan of the nose at all but some interesting fruity flavours going on.
- Mr T, 17th Dec '10
Really crisp yet refined tipple! Banana milkshake with plummy mousse, greeny oilness on the palate and a intrigueing, satisfying finish with green apples
- rico, 18th Jun '10
Soft and light in spite of the young age. But still full of taste. I have the 18yo which has more character. But this one is to be recommended to, because you get a cheap and wonderful single malt.
- Jan Nielsen, 9th May '10
It's alright
- Chris Lewis Islay God, 2nd Apr '10
More..... intensity! HAHAHA! Funny line. Loger Moore.
- Michael, 28th Jun '09
This is a really good whisky,and Yamazaki is a great distellery to visit - an incredible whisky library, I have to admit mine tasted nicer there than back home - how can this be? the 12 and 18 are also really good.
- Davepat, 12th Apr '09
Tried it in a pub, then was given a bottle for Christmas. I consider myself a whisky "buff". Hint of raw alcohol, then good, varied aftertones made this a satisfying tipple. Needs a cube of ice to take the edge off it. I can imagine the 12 and 18 y.o. to have calmed down a bit. See what subsequent Christmas' will bring.
- Peter R, 24th Dec '08
I'm not what you would call an expert by any means but this whisky is absolutely fantastic. Bought on impulse - I'm glad I took the gamble. I have now ordered the 12 and 18 year old. I can hardly wait !!!
- anonymous, 2nd Dec '08
Synthetic fruit flavours - like mentioned by Dr. Whisky - gets it to the point! Personally, I tasted banana peels, a bread-like maltiness and some rather unpleasant hints of young, aggressive alcohol. On the other hand: it's definitely not the worst Malt for that few money!
- Holger Dross, 9th Oct '08
we went to tokyo in may this year for the first time. whisky isn't something we would normally drink but thought we would try it . the bar man sculpted a chunk of ice to fit the glass perfectly before pouring the whisky over it,it was fantastic,have promised my husband a bottle for christmas hence why i am on your site. we are no experts but would definately recomend suntory whisky.
- mary-jane hogan, 10th Oct '07
"more....... intensity!"
- anonymous, 7th Jun '07
bill murray rules
- anonymous, 27th Apr '07
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