Ketel 1 Jonge Jenever

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Ketel 1 Jonge Jenever
100cl / 35%
A 'jonge' or modern style jenever, with a very low percentage of malt wine, this style was developed in the middle of the 20th century and can easily be mixed with cola or soda.
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Customer Reviews:(4 reviews)
Sadly also not available in South Africa.
- Henrietta, 19th March
A great Jenever that is really their flagship product, but sadly *STILL* not available in the US.
- Dr. AE Mossberg, 31st May '11
Ketel 1 is distilled from 100% grains at the Nolet distillery in the city of Schiedam, close to Rotterdam. This jenever is very, very smooth with absolutely no vodka-like alcohol flavour to it. Instead what you get is a gin with a subtle but very nice kind of crispy, bread-like flavour that definitely comes from the high quality malt used for distilling this gin. This flavour is accompanied with the fresh flavour of juniper berries. Highly recommended!
- Juergen, 31st Dec '10
My nephew spent a year in the Netherlands, and was introduced to Ketel 1 Jenever while he was there.He brought some home and was kind enough to share with me in the form of a VERY dry martini.The taste was unmatched in my opinion, so smooth it was unbelievable.My only wish is that it was available here in the US.
- D. Price, 6th Jun '08
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