Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur

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Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur
70cl / 30%
An energy liqueur flavoured with Guarana, Ginseng and the Bolivian Coca leaf. Mix it with a Vodka Red Bull for a serious energy boost (Not recommended if you have anything to do the next day).
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Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
Had loads of these last night tastes fantastic and got us all merry. Thumbs up!! going to buy a bottle and some of those glasses(quaffer glasses just search on ebay mikchi unless you want the agwa logo?)
- anonymous, 21st Jan '11
Hi Mikchi,Yes, at the time of writing this bottle does come with the glasses.
- TWE Admin, 13th Jan '11
I've been trying to find somewhere that does the AWGA Bomb glasses alongside the drink itself, I see no mention of the glasses in the blurb, however the picture tells me a different story. My question to you, TWE, does the drink come with the appropriate shot glasses or would I have to buy them separate?
- Mikchi, 13th Jan '11
Love this stuff, got me well merry!
- anonymous, 15th Dec '10
Yes, Hulio, we can :)
- TWE Admin, 24th Nov '10
Can you send a bottle to Ireland?
- Hulio, 23rd Nov '10
yea im in detroit michigan and just had it special ordered at a store called Plum Market.. just did lime wedge then a shot.. and my mouth was tingled and i feel the energy.. i work at a health store and guarana caffeine and all the herbs in my store dont give me energy like this does
- Eric, 6th Jun '09
I have tasted the real coca leafs some time ago and I can tell you that this liqueur has similar effect to the tongue as the coca leafs do. It makes your tongue tingly and a bit numb (coca leafs do the same but stronger).
- Woyteck, 1st Jun '09
great stuff
- chrisy, 15th Aug '08
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