Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur

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Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur
70cl / 17%
Distilled from the fermented fruit of the Marula tree, a native of the African plains. The spirit is aged for three years, then blended with cream. If you like Bailey's you should give this a try.
IWSC 2012 - Gold Medal - Liqueurs
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CountrySouth Africa
Customer Reviews:(29 reviews)
My partner is from Middelburg and we stopped by Amarula Lapa on our way back from the Kruger Park... We bought three bottles in the shop along with lots of glasses and other accessories... This liquor is fast becoming my favourite, it's subtle fruity undertones mixed with cream make this beverage ideal for any time of the day or night... I just have to remember not to drink the entire bottle in one go!
- Mike T, 20th April
- JOHNS, 17th April
had this the first time when I visited my sister this month in Pett Bay SA it was wonderful I was not sure as she said it was like Bailey's but to me it is twice as nice will treat myself to a bottle or two
- Michelle, 19th March
Mine has been opened since last Christmas and I have just poured out a capful and it looks fine, smells fine, tastes ok so I am assuming it's ok - I love it and I am not a big drinker at all
- Lisa - Cambs , 21st Dec '13
First time Amarula, yes it's very smooth, over ice, yes it's like baileys but we are enjoying our early Xmas present.
- Jo Jo, 13th Dec '13
Amazing!!! Former housemate visited last week from Bagdad, Iraq brought it as a gift. Smooth, aromatic and delicious. Can't thank her enough.
- Linda Dec. 2013, 10th Dec '13
Bought a bottle recently due to an offer. Wonderful stuff, very like Baileys although I prefer the Amarula. Wor Lass' daughter is a confirmed Bailey's fan and she liked it so much she nicked the bottle. Well worth the candle.
- Lee Bagnall, 25th Jul '12
The shelf life of something like this would be around 12 months (6 once opened). They may last a bit longer, but we wouldn't recommend drinking any that are older than this. If you would still like to give it a go, open the bottle and check for a yeasty/sour milk smell. If your still unsure, a small taste should reveal whether this is bad. Having said that, we still advise against drinking this if you have had it for more than 12 months.
- TWE Admin, 26th Mar '12
I purchased two bottles of Amarula Fruit Cream in Cape Town International Airport in January 2009 and used one of them two years ago and other bottle was kept for later use. How long can a bottle last? Can I consume it now after three years from the date of purchase? Can anyone or the company help me with an advice please? If consume now, will my stomach get upset?
- - Neil posted on 25 March 2012, 25th Mar '12
On the nose, a very light aroma of the exotic Marula fruit makes its way through your nostrils, with the taste almost bursting as it hits your throat. A sweet tang to it, it covers your palate nicely and gives off a slow release of Marula that lasts. This is a perfect serve over ice, but wouldn’t look out-of-place in a coffee, a B52 or even in a fruity Martini.
- Drinks Enthusiast, 23rd Sep '11
It is the smoothest, most interesting liquer I have tasted. I had it first (and bought it) on a Royal Carrribean cruise and since then a friend brought me back a large bottle while she was on another cruise. Now I finised that one and want to buy another one (or two).Ann Marie Sullivan, Brandon, FL, USA
- Ann Marie Sullivan, 27th Jun '11
LOVE my Amarula..just having some now actually as a boost while trying to write up my essays! It is way better than Baileys!
- anonymous, 14th Jan '11
Char10, whether it's safe or not is down to your own judgement, but for such a cheap bottle I don't think it's worth the risk. This is a dairy product after all.
- TWE Admin, 22nd Dec '10
No it should not curdle. If it does you shouldn't drink it. Have a look at their website. My bottle has been open in a dark cupboard for a few years but hasn't curdles. Safe or not???
- Char10, 21st Dec '10
It has been on my Christmas stocking list for 3 years. Lovely!
- anonymous, 27th Oct '10
love it finally got it here in the local liquor store in the US they only had one bottle had to buy it immediately enjoying it
- mimi, 27th Oct '10
I Love Amarula. I bought one In Kenya when i was coming to london and it is fantastic. I love the drink loads
- koko, 24th Sep '10
I love it!
- Edith, 18th Apr '10
My husband and I love Amarula we purchase 4-6 bottles everytime we go on a cruise and we have been on many cruises. Purchase this you won't regret it you can go on to to download the receipes booklet. Good Luck
- Mary, 25th Feb '10
i love this drink bought a bottle in africa when i was there last week and had to change planes in paris and they took it off me said it would of been ok if it was in my case ?
- anonymous, 25th Jan '10
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