Aperol Liqueur

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Aperol Liqueur
70cl / 11%
Aperol is a low-strength aperitif made since 1919 to a secret recipe including both rhubarb and orange along with a wide assortment of herbs and roots. Immensely popular in Italy, its home country.
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Customer rating (19 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(19 reviews)
Fantastic drink, I love spritzel Aperol
- anonymous, 22nd June
Excellent taste, brought back memories of holidays in Italy in the sun.
- anonymous, 22nd June
3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, 1 part soda poured over ice - pop in some chunks of orange and an olive on a stick - fantastic!
- JB 4/5/14, 4th May
Wonderful stuff! Hooked whilst in Venice last week - became my nightly aperitif!
- anonymous, 4th May
Had my first taste of this on holdiday in Tuscany last month.. Now I'm hooked..its bitter & refreshing at the same time..and a true reminder of my Italian adventure!
- Rhys, 8th Aug '13
Lovely drink I drunk it on holiday .At lake Garda
- anonymous, 19th Dec '12
Yes, we also had this drink in Alba, Italy a few weeks ago. It is soooo good, a fun, pretty and unique drink!
- D Guill, 1st Oct '12
Rhubarb and rye. Had it in new Orleans....maybe the best drink, ever!
- anonymous, 2nd Dec '11
We have been drinking Aperol across Northern Italy for the last 40 years. Nobody has given the original way we drank Aperol. Take a glass and run a piece of lemon round the rim, then dip the rim in sugar. Then add about a quarter Aperol and three quarters of Soda. It is a very refreshing drink, which is low in alcohol, and so, good for driving.
- Jack Craven., 25th Aug '11
Had lovely introduction with Aperol on a recent holiday in Mestre would now like to but some!
- anonymous, 1st Nov '10
First drank this in Lido di Jesolo. It's very refreshing and i was instantl hooked. Now no one can go to Italy withour bringing us a bottle back!
- anonymous, 22nd Oct '10
Discovered this in Verona, a stone's throw from the Arena - very romantic. We saw the locals drinking it and asked what it is - "Spritz Aperol" was the reply, which didn't mean a lot to us, but it was the gorgeous colour which sold it to us. Half an hour later it was 'Due piu, per favore!'
- Neil from London, 2nd Oct '09
I am hooked.....had it in Bologna this weekend....Aperol mixed with rosecco, soda, ice, slice of orange.
- Sharron, 16th Jun '09
had this great drink in lake garda,after seeing everybody drinking it,also calledspritz.its that good to drink stopped of at bars 3 or 4 times a day,highly recommended.
- amanda from Hull, 5th Oct '08
Had this delicious drink in Lido di Jesolo with Prosecco as a spritzer very cheap and refreshing. Sometimes made with Prosecco and sparkling water.
- Pat Waistnidge, 12th Aug '08
great drink had it in venice as above, but great with dry sparkling rose or champagne add a strawberry and fresh mint and lots of ice.
- chris and ann scotney, 29th Jul '08
Had it in Verona, Venice and Padova. A typical venetian drink, though it can also be made with Campari, there is no comparison as to the taste of the Aperol mixed with white wine or prosecco, sparkling water, ice, slice of orange and olive. It is the ultimate jet set drink for a fine warm afternoon in the sun. Also known as Spritz... Wonderful stuff.
- Bruno Pietoso, 13th May '08
Same as above, I had it in Italy and now I am hooked. one third Prosecco, one third Aperol and one third soda water plus ice and a slice and an olive . Its called a Spritz and trust me when I say ...ITS GOOD!!
- Paul Atkins, 4th May '08
Wonderful stuff with soda. Had it in Venice and was hooked! They would put an olive on a stick in it too. Great drink for sitting outside in the sun with!
- HRO, 24th Dec '07
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