Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur

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Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
70cl / 17%
Category-dominating Christmas best-seller blended from cream, cocoa and Irish whiskey. Instrumental in a variety of shooters, Baileys also works a treat in coffee or on ice cream.
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Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
My special treat? Baileys Irish cream with a small measure of Scotch Whisky. Perfect Bring on the cold wintery weather
- anonymous, 2nd Dec '11
Sexy xxxx
- daymothegreat, 20th Nov '11
Damn well best flavour i've ever tasted in my life! PERIOD.
- Elitism, 7th Apr '11
The best ever made love it my favourite cant say anymore !!!!
- Bendywendy, 27th Feb '11
The best!
- anonymous, 28th Dec '10
Its just too good!!!
- Bronin, 24th Dec '10
Lovely - how long does it last before being opened please
- Chrissie, 1st Nov '10
Serve with Ice cream, chocolate shavings, and fresh cinnamon.
- Charles Henry Gray, 3rd Jan '10
Nothing needs to be said about this drink really. Anyone who is reading this has tried it already and knows how good it is ! This is a modern liqueur only made possible when the manfacturers found a way of making a cream based drink without it going off. Quite rightly one of the worlds most popular liqueurs.
- Cocktail Shaker Boys, 20th Dec '09
my favourite ;)
- m, 8th Dec '09
Gorgeous !!!
- anonymous, 7th Dec '09
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