Berentzen ApfelKorn (Apple) Schnapps

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Berentzen ApfelKorn (Apple) Schnapps
70cl / 18%
Berentzen Apple is hugely popular outside the UK, this is an authentic German apple schnapps made by blending neutral wheat spirit with apple juice and sweetening the mixture.
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Customer rating (15 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Rocky

Nose: Quite a spirity nose upon first pour, which blows off after 30 seconds or so, to reveal toffee apples and caramel along with an unexpected note of tart lemons.

Palate: Tastes just like apple juice in flavour – the only clue that it’s not a soft drink is the slight warming sensation on the back palate, its so soft and smooth on the palate it really could be otherwise. As much as I could wax lyrical about the taste, there aren’t really any other flavours than can be picked out – it just does what it says on the bottle!

Finish: A longer finish than may be expected, with the apple flavour lasting for a good 20 seconds or so. Smooth and fruity, this glides over the tongue and is quite moreish.

Comment: A delicious introduction to the world of liqueurs, this is just so easy drinking and deliciously fruity with no sign of any harsh finish that some liqueurs are known to possess.

Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
first had this in bitburg germany and although it is still good it isnt the same formula as it used to be , used to keep bottles in the snowbank outside the door never froze but 3 hours in freezer its solid . but still has that delicious taste and warming effect :) just have tio drink a lil more of the hew stuff lol
- tigger, 4 days ago
this may be the best drink ever but it is NOT the original one that my parents used to get from germany. i bought this for a christmas present and after only few hours in the freezer it was rock solid. my mum said they used to keep it in freezer for days in germany and it never froze. also after tasting it my dad said this one tasted more fruitier and sweeter than the original
- anonymous, 27th Dec '13
Spent 14 years based in various places in Germany and this is the echte apfelkorn, I have found its best kept in the freezer then when you get it out it sticks to your hand .... shame !!!!
- Roy Boulton, 30th Nov '12
I agree it should be tasted straight from the freezer, first introduced to Apfelkorn 17 years ago, so am very happy I've at long last found a UK supplier!
- Jan B, 7th Jan '12
I love this. I am another one of the forces (if only a mere 'wife of' as referred to back them) who first tried this in Germany many, many years ago.
- Ankaroo, 15th Dec '11
seems everyone posted in Germany loves this stuff !can't wait to get my mitts on some more !
- steve black, 24th Jul '11
One of the best drinks you will ever try just got two bottles for my 50th opps need to reorder!!
- JOHN, 1st Jul '11
Well, we sell it (as you can tell from this page) and we are in the UK...
- TWE Admin, 23rd May '11
first drank in germany around 30 years ago its so smooth wish could buy over her in uk
- chris r, 22nd May '11
first tasted this in germany 30 yrs ago, and cant get enough of this fantastic drink. john maltman
- john maltman ex forces, 29th Nov '10
why carn,t we get it more easily and what about plumkorn awesome
- paul sherriff, 19th Nov '10
Have been drinking this particular brand of Apfel Korn for over twenty years. Non better
- Mike Bedrock, 10th Jan '10
- anonymous, 9th Jan '10
hurts in the morning
- Chelmsfoot, 7th Feb '09
Best drink ever
- anonymous, 26th Jun '08
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