Chartreuse Green Liqueur

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Chartreuse Green Liqueur
70cl / 55%
The Chartreuse most of us recognise from Granny's drinks cabinet. Not to everyone's taste, but for those brave enough to approach with an open mind, this is a remarkable and delicious liqueur.
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Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
Have experienced this liqueur several time while skiing in the French Alps. Hot chocolate drink with Chartreuse (in it or separately with it) seems to be a popular local speciality. I have not seen it served this way anywhere else, but would recommend it. It certainly adds that 'je ne sais quoi' to the chocolate making a unique hot drink
- Derek, 3rd April
Wonderful drink! Was first introduced to it in south of France aged 16 on PGL canoeing holiday in 1971!! Can't get enough of it now! Nothing can touch it.100/100!
- anonymous, 8th Jun '13
The Last Word: Prohibition Era Cocktail: Equal Measures Green Chartreuse, Good Gin (I reccommend Tanqueray Export Strength, Fresh Lime Juice (from a piece of fruit - not out of a bottle!!!!) and Maraschino Liqueur) shake over ice until your hands freeze to the shaker and then shake some more (very important) and pour into a chilled martini glass. Very tasty.
- Charliemonster, 26th Aug '12
Looking forward to rediscovering the excellent digestive effects & very complex herbal flavours. Not all grannies are knocked out by it, let alone great grannies!
- ClareT, 9th Jan '12
Once in Argentina, I had a couple of cocktails made with this stuff. The recipe was basically Chartreuse mixed with a 'dash' of pineapple juice, shaken and served in a Martini glass. EXCELLENT STUFF!!!
- Marco, 22nd Jan '11
Try bruleeing this a touch with a chef's blow torch - it really brings out the drink's character which can be overwhelmed by the alcohol
- anonymous, 28th Oct '10
Not sure about romance, but if it's sleep your after - you really can't beat it!!! An imsomniac's dream :)
- Cazz, 2nd Mar '10
I have loved this drink for years and it goes well poured over vanilla icecream. An amazing drink.
- Gill, 27th Feb '10
A riproaringly brilliant drink. A family favourite for decades (apart from my mother-in-law, who took weeks to recover from merely taking a sip ;o)
- Dave, 4th Jan '10
Not for Granny! Try your lady out with it - your'e sure of a truly romantic night!! Mine swears by it but then I am a v.lucky man.
- anonymous, 30th Oct '09
A fantastic drink, powerful with very interesting flavours. As far as i know it used to be a digestif, but i find it's a mighty drink for a night out!
- Mick, 2nd Oct '08
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