Frangelico Liqueur

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Frangelico Liqueur
70cl / 20%
Legendary Italian hazlenut liqueur made to a recipe dating back around 300 years. Named after Father Angelico, a famous hermit monk of the day.
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Customer Reviews:(26 reviews)
Hooked on it with Baileys OMG I can defo recommend.I will be hiding mine ;)
- Clare Turville, 21st Dec '13
Over ice my favourite drink ever, manna of the gods
- joonski, 6th Feb '13
love it worth the price and more.A whole host of cocktails to be found on the internet
- Lee , Birmingham, 2nd Dec '12
fantastic drink, poured straight over ice. Still not found anyone who doesn't love this after one taste, has been referred to as liquid snickers.
- Sara, Yorkshire, England, 29th Nov '11
Gorgeous liqueur with a nutty, biscuity aroma. Much nicer than I had imagined & so smooth you would think it was non alcoholic! So glad I nabbed the last bottle I spotted going through duty free :-)
- Briony Jenkins, 12th Nov '11
I was first introduced to Frangelico when working in the US in the 70's and it has remained my favourite ever since. I have yet to meet anyone who has not been "seduced" by it on first tasting.
- Eric, Wirral UK, 12th Nov '11
If there is a heaven, this delicious liqueur will surely be there. And yes adding it to coffee is pure delight, as well as on top of chocolate cake. Even straight up...............this is my favorite drink by far. So expensive. Got hooked on it when it was given to me as a Christmas gift. Worth the price.
- anonymous, 7th Nov '11
I tried it this last week and I thought Frangelico was delicious!
- anonymous, 17th Oct '11
The nose of Frangelico gives an instant hit of hazelnut, a reminder of digestive biscuits also crossed my mind, although on taste, the hazelnut becomes very subtle. It’s a light, almost creamy liqueur that leaves only a hint of nut in your mouth. It’s a short, sharp drink that I think will surprise you. Great for a sweet tooth like myself!
- Drinks Enthusiast, 23rd Sep '11
all i can say is LOVE IT, i drink it straight up with a lil ice
- anonymous, 26th Jun '11
I was introduced to this drink in Australia... Love it! it has to be one of the best liqueurs on the market!Mags,Wakefield
- anonymous, 27th Feb '11
do it as a shot with half frangelico and vodka sprinkel some brown sugar a slice of orange drink shot then suck orange
- anonymous, 31st Jan '11
Try it in Tirimisu!
- Chloe, 22nd Dec '10
I have just travelled twenty miles to buy some but they sold the last bottle earlier today,I am going to have to wait to try this drink.
- anonymous, 13th Dec '10
Its like drinking alcoholic Nutella!! Amazing!
- Alonut, 22nd Jun '10
really nutty flavour i love it
- maureen minett, 20th Jun '10
Try this over ice with fresh limes...delicious!
- anonymous, 29th Mar '10
I absolutely love Frangelico, last thing every night just before bed. I'm an elderly lady and you know Frangelico is much better than ''a sleeping pill'' The only problem is that it's getting very difficult to source it in Ireland . Can anyone out there help me?
- anonymous, 12th Jan '10
First had this liqueur in New York as a shot but now have another way to serve it. Try this with crushed ice and the juice of a small lime. Fabulous.
- Simon Elvery., 4th Dec '09
This liqueur is amazing. The smell of hazelnuts is a delight, and the taste is amazing. You'd never now it's 20% alcohol, this is smooth as hell, it's like eating a dessert. Of course it's amazing in cocktails too.
- Cubitus, 7th Nov '09
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