Kummel Wolfschmidt Liqueur

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Kummel Wolfschmidt Liqueur
50cl / 39%
Famous aniseed-and-caraway-flavoured liqueur with a great mouthcoating texture and a honeyed finish, Kummel is best served chilled to within an inch of its life.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Rocky

Nose: Restrained compared to the Mentzendorff – lemon being the dominant aroma with caraway taking a back seat.

Palate: In contrast to the nose, the caraway is more prominent with anise and hints of lemon sherbet in the background.

Finish: Medium to long with the anise making it through to the very finish.

Comment: An interesting contrast between nose and palate, the latter being where it really comes alive. The length is impressive – I can see why this is the choice of clubs around the country.

Customer Reviews:(22 reviews)
love this ice cold left in freezer. It is addictive!
- ccb, 22nd Dec '13
A fantastic liqueur. Unique for its complex caraway, cumin and fennel flavours and ABV at 39%. As a bartender I enjoy adding this to cocktails. The classic Silver Bullet, and a cocktail I found which is a variation on a bourbon sour with pressed apple juice are both brilliant. One that I created involves London Dry Gin, dry sherry, honey water, angostura bitters and kümmel. If you have access to the relevant materials and ingredients, give them a go!
- anonymous, 22nd Apr '13
A fantastic addition to my Austrian Goulash recipe:- 2kg Venison / Beef 50g flour 50g paprika 4 onions stock kummel seasoning Fry off meat and onions in large pan, add flour & paprika binding them together. Slowly add stock, stirring all the time. Season, add the kummel and leave to simmer until meat is tender (approx 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours). Add more stock if required.....yum
- anonymous, 16th Apr '13
Kummel was the best selling liqueur in Britain before The Second World War.Supplies dried up as then it was made in the Baltic states.It was amazing how a best sellar like Kummel was then forgotton and many people have not even heard of it today. This is a great drink that I like very much.I drink it with no ice and in a very small liqueur glass. You must try it and find out why it sold so well.
- Johnny Norfolk., 27th Dec '12
great stuff being looking for outlet for years LOVE IT!
- Polly , 23rd Dec '12
Enjoyed sipping this with ice at a very historic golf course. Could grow on me.
- anonymous, 25th Oct '12
My defences were raised when I saw this was made in the UK - however, they needed have been. This stuff tastes 'exactly' as I remember it 40 years ago.....chilled down and sipped slowly this is masterpiece in a glass. Fabulous.
- Moles Friend, 17th Apr '12
Great for pork & krut with kummel love it
- john , 10th Jan '12
- NOBBY JAN '12, 8th Jan '12
Yay, the ultimate xmas prezzie for the olds :)
- Emma, 14th Dec '10
Smooth as jiggered steak - powerful as moolkran's wrath - clear as a phlanser's eye - as palatable as a dram of IBGB
- Flippin' Jimmy, 18th Aug '10
A wee drivey and not for wample - git a dram and floom the warker - if not jandy, then trancle, for sure.
- Flippin' Jimmy, 16th Aug '10
The 'Get out of Jail Free' card for the adult who has over-indulged.
- ATC, 17th Jul '10
I have been looking for this product for years, I used to use it also in my bakery and add a wee bit to my production of Rye braad -Delicious! I will now introduce it to my friends and watch their faces as they imbibe.StanBow.
- anonymous, 26th Feb '10
Extremely relaxing
- June, 6th Feb '10
A True adult gripewater
- Gemma, 1st Feb '10
Its great if your stomach is aching.Taste lovely
- ali, 16th Jan '10
dad loves it
- anonymous, 16th Dec '09
ive been looking in shops for years. A drink to be treasured
- pebbletripper, 10th Dec '09
Seriously fab and groovy - if you haven't tried it, try it. It's amazing...
- anonymous, 21st Nov '09
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