Licor 43 Cuarenta Y Tres Liqueur

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Licor 43 Cuarenta Y Tres Liqueur
70cl / 31%
In liqueur terms Licor 43 is Spain's bestselling export, so it's a shame that its distinctive vanilla character and eminent mixability are so little known outside bars over here.
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Customer rating (60 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(60 reviews)
I won it in a gift bag and now I'm hooked! Just a small tiny sample it was, but now I'm ordering 3 full bottles. Perfect to show off and brag about the taste to company.
- anonymous, 15th September
I've just got back from Spain and a night club served this with red bull! I never normally drink energy drinks but this was unbelievable! Definitely worth a shot!
- anonymous, 26th August
Just back from Spain this is addictive try it with a peach daiquiri over ice fantastic !!!
- Ash Hartlepool Aug 2014, 4th August
As others say, pour it over Cornish dairy ice cream. Substitute it for brandy in Sangria and then add sparkly wine rather than soda water.
- Maurice., 2nd July
Wonderful. If ever in province of Murcia in Spain book a tour at the only Licor 43 distillery in the world. For 9 euros a good tour and 3 lots of different tasters. It is just outside Cartagena off the motorway towards Alicante. Book in advance and they will put you on a tour for your language.
- Ann, 1st June
Light it on fire at an angle and gently swirl. It's like an angry marshmallow over the campfire.
- anonymous, 17th Oct '13
1 part 43, 1 part lime juice, 1 part pineapple. SO GOOD! I can't wait for my bottle to arrive!
- anonymous, 1st Aug '13
Enjoy best served neat after some hours in the freezer. It just gets a rich consistency and a mellower flavor... perfection!! try it!
- anonymous, 3rd May '13
Vanilla bean ice cream, espresso ice cubes and 43 blended = the best vanilla shake I have ever had. Your pallet will for ever be changed.
- Kahana Ohana , 17th Mar '13
Been drinking it since I discovered it in the Canaries in the early eighties! I like it best with the spanish soft drink limon, which is somewhere between lemonade and bitter lemon. Also,try putting it in to an ice cream recipe.
- anonymous, 25th Jan '13
With fiery ginger beer it's like sticky toffee pus in a glass!!
- anonymous, 11th Dec '12
Delicious over vanilla ice cream!
- anonymous, 28th Nov '12
Try a couple of ounces straight up at room temperature with hot, frothed milk (foam) on the top as an after dinner drink. It's delicious!
- anonymous, 24th Nov '12
Add a large measure with double shot of strong hot espresso coffee and add ice. Drink cold. Fantastic
- anonymous, 22nd Nov '12
Wonderful over ice with club soda and a splash of half & half
- anonymous, 8th Aug '12
A really delightful liqueur but I confess that I also drink and enjoy it slighly chilled as an aperitif; and if ou want to take it a step further you can enliven your fruit salad and/or vanilla ice cream with a tip!!
- Roger, 24th Jul '12
Have It As A 'Bomb' 2 3rds Of A Shot Of Black Vodka 1 3rd Liquor 43 Dropped In A Tumbler Of Redbull Mmmm, Its Called A PlayBoy Discovered It In Spain And Love It
- anonymous, 17th Jul '12
IT's gorgeous with pineapple juice! I know what I'm saying!!
- anonymous, 14th Jul '12
After a big meal, try it on the rocks, pour a shot of espresso and mix it. I doubt you will find something better in this life.
- Chencho, 31st Jan '12
Mix with coke, OMG ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- anonymous, 21st Jan '12
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