Caballero Liqueur

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Caballero Liqueur
70cl / 25%
A classic Spanish liqueur, Ponche Caballero starts off with Spanish brandy and adds oranges, plums, sultanas, cinnamon and a stack of other dried fruit and spices.
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Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
Lived in Spain and it soon became my favoriw drink , I get anyone going to Spain to bring me it back
- Ste Hannon , 14th Aug '13
the 2 best things in spain besides the beautiful woman are "ponche" and "cafe con leche" !
- bryan ., 14th May '13
Ponche and Lime! - Cola Cubes! This made my three seasons as a Spanish worker! Amazin memories!
- Livesey, 4th Oct '12
...been nursing my bottle for the last 17 years and Guys, it's almost done. Trying to reload here in the States and having a challenging time doing so. Christine - Orlando, Florida
- anonymous, 20th Sep '12
nice with ice lived in spain for years and this one a must
- costa, 2nd Jul '12
Extremely hard to find in the states. very inexpensive in spain.
- anonymous, 13th Mar '12
amen to the cola bottle! the best
- rick pool, 22nd Jan '11
There aint nothing like it international lorry driverTony/E
- anonymous, 20th Jan '11
always bring a bottle back when I visit Spain
- Jerry in New jersey, 4th Jan '11
always an empty bottle though! such a lovely drink........... like gold dust ,so hard to find, like a Spanish holiday, look forward to it all year, and its gone in no time at all.
- anonymous, 9th Dec '10
Amazing! Tried it in Ibiza in 2006 and have made sure someone brings me back a litre every year!
- Michelle Glasgow, 6th Aug '10
Beautiful taken as a hard drink on the rocks or with lemonade and a piece of lime over ice.....once bitten!!!!!
- Curlywurly, 26th Jan '10
I love it I can't beleave i have found it it is the best with lime....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Jakey Boy, 22nd Dec '09
try it as a shot with lime (as in the cordial). tastes exactly like haribo cola bottles! delicious
- anonymous, 20th Dec '09
- Exe, 28th Nov '09
cant live without it!!! when you,v had the best forget the rest... so wish i could buy it in liverpool england,...
- sue dwyer, 24th Aug '09
Its very good!! Smooth, soft but blows your head off!!!
- Matty, 8th Apr '08
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