Sangster's Jamaica Rum Cream Liqueur

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Sangster's Jamaica Rum Cream Liqueur
75cl / 17%
Hugely popular rum-based Jamaican cream liqueur, Sangster's is made by famous Jamaican distillers J. Wray & Nephew and has a growing following of devotees in this country and beyond.
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Customer rating (91 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(91 reviews)
Sipping some now!!!!! For the very first time!!!!!!!
- anonymous, 7 days ago
I was introduced to Sangster's on a train trip to Hearst, Ontario, by a fellow passenger. He told me it was not available in the States, so I bought a bottle in the Soo before returning home. A wonderful drink. Too bad we can't purchase it in the States.
- Wheel Wash, 13 days ago
I just came back from a Caribbean cruise and anothr tourist told me about this rum cream and I bought a bottle in St.Thomas and just opened it a few days ago. My friends and I tried it and we love it!! I poured some over vanilla ice cream last night. The best shake ever!!
- Stephanie, 11th Sept '14, 11th September
I bought a botle in Barbados at the Duty Free in the Airport a couple of weeks ago. Sure wish we could get it in is SUPERB !
- MW, 7th August
I have yet to find anything that compares and believe me I have tried. Darn shame that we can't buy it in the USA. It is so smooth its impossible to stop at one drink.
- anonymous, 30th May
Just went to Jamaica and brought two bottles back home. My wife and I just finished one bottle and just love they stuff. I'm saving the second bottle for New Years. All I can say that Sangsters rum cream is the best.
- Kurt,15th Dec '13, 30th Dec '13
Bought three bottles on my honeymoon in October 2013. Absolutely love this rum. Smooth and delicious.
- Christopher Dullea, 16th Dec '13
It's simply the best!
- anonymous, 15th Dec '13
I had this about 4 years ago in Jamaica and I nor my family have gotten it out of our heads!!! It is just so delicious!!! You can't just have one glass. I had some every day and we brought back some but sadly it didn't last too long... :( how I miss it!!!!
- Alice, 16th Sep '13
Sangsters Rum Cream has been one of my favorite drinks for many years, tastes even better when you add a splash of Wray & Nephew white rum yummy!
- Ann Marie, 13th Sep '13
best rum cream yiu will ever buy & drink truly devine,enjoy
- mick, 7th Aug '13
This is the absolute best! Sad that I only brought one bottle back from Jamaica! :(
- Jenny June 2013, 12th Jul '13
My absolute fave! I bought rum creams both in Cuba and D.R. and they went bad very soon after opening, and the flavours sucked. I had a bottle of Sangster's rum cream that I had opened and forgotten about in the back of my closet and found it after well over a year, quite possibly two years and it was still good; no curdling or spoilage, and poured out of the bottle as though it was just opened without ever being refrigerated. The best!
- Jules, 25th May '13
great stuff simply the very best,love it love it cant get enough....
- leroy spence bklyn ny, 24th Apr '13
rum cream is simple the best,it get you addicted love it love it great stuff........
- livinglegend, 14th Apr '13
Very good in coffee!
- anonymous, 29th Mar '13
This rum should come with a warning, you cannot just have one glass. The only problem with it is you cannot get it here, not that I've been able to find. So if your going to Jamaica, bring lots back, it's fabulous.
- KAT, 22nd Mar '13
I drank more than my share of this while vacationing in Jamaica. It's fabulous! Is it possible to get the coconut flavored? That was my favorite.
- barb in MN, 28th Feb '13
Forget any other liquers.Without any argument, unless you are looking for a higher alchohol content,this cannot be bettered.Sheer bliss in a glass.The trouble is trying to control having another and another and another
- Kakuurosan, 28th Feb '13
I first found rum cream many years ago when my mum & dad brought me back a bottle and now iv got all of hackney and a good part of surry on it, all i can say is never stop making the sunshine in a bottle.
- stewart allen, 15th Feb '13
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